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Author Topic: first build. need help with parts list.  (Read 85 times)

Offline ismaeel_ali_101

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  • Tricopter, one prop short of a Quadcopter
first build. need help with parts list.
« on: June 12, 2018, 17:40:24 »
Hi all. i am currently in the process of choosing my parts for my drone that i am hoping to make myself. I would like the following features:
GPS missions that i can program using my laptop or phone (i dont mind either way!).
Return to home/auto stability.
A camera feed on a monitor with signal percentage and other statistics, such as altitude and speed, and maybe distance from where it started. Also a battery overlay aswell??? Or another monitor for battery on the radio?.
I can install programs onto it with instructions.... just dont have time to program the code myself!!!
Maybe even upgradable to fpv capabilities? Using the same camera for the video? My budget is £600, and i have chosen my frame already. It is the s500 frame from unmanned tech store. Can somebody make a parts list with my required specs please? I can invest an extra £50 maximum too.Thanks in advance to whoever helps. Love u all xoxo ☺ *hugs*

Offline ched999uk

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Re: first build. need help with parts list.
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2018, 17:50:19 »
To be honest without quite a bit of learning, both of techy bits and bobs plus soldering etc you might be better off with a DJI Phantom!!
It will be a great stable camera platform, return to home, fpv feed back to tablet/phone. They also have great battery life and fly well.
Unless you fancy investing quite a bit of time in researching the components you need but even then you will struggle to get anywhere near the flight time or features of a Phantom!!!

Remember when you build a quad  you also need a transmitter, batteries, battery charger, soldering tools, pliers, cutters, allen keys to name but a few of the bits you need in addition to the quad components.

By all means post a list of the components you think are suitable and I am sure you will get people suggesting changes but just asking for a list of what you should buy isn't the best way to get a good experience.

Offline ismaeel_ali_101

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  • Tricopter, one prop short of a Quadcopter
Re: first build. need help with parts list.
« Reply #2 on: June 12, 2018, 17:58:08 »
I know about the components its more the software and compatibility and if it will work. I have the tools and a solderimg iron already... i used one to mept metal for fun one time. Can you make a parts list for me please? As well as list of software and how to setup the software? Thanks ☺

Offline tony

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Re: first build. need help with parts list.
« Reply #3 on: June 13, 2018, 15:22:53 »
stuff dji pants!!! buy wight thing crash wight thing learn nothing if you got a good budget look at team black sheep  if not look at pixhark lots of reading its not hard if you get stuck shout for help