• #1 by Reman on 20 Apr 2017
  • Just a quicky.

    Has anyone here got experience of the "Zop power" or "Infinity" LiPos BG are selling?

    The reviews mainly seem pretty positive, But I';ve always been a bit sceptical reviews on sites that reward folks for posting them (I wonder how many of the people giving something the "Golden two thumbs up award" and "Best buy status" have used what they';ve bought for a few weeks before hand, Or have they just dump some positive sounding crap in the review box as soon as their item arrives to get their reward points/credits ASAP ?).

    Anyway, For some of the Zop Power and infinity battery packs the price looks a little too good for them to be particularly well made, But the quoted specs and prices keep drawing my attention.

    So, Are these brands really worth the money? And what are the chances that their 70C or 90C packs are anywhere near that?

    Any info appreciated. 
  • #2 by Cheredanine on 20 Apr 2017
  • Don';t trust things like golden thumbs up etc on lipos, find someone who does a proper test, josh bardwell has an extensive test on lipos.

    The reviews I trust don';t even consider zop, the infinity stuff got generally ok reviews, most find them comparable to turnigy graphene,

    That said, turnigy graphene was good a year ago, recent batches have had a lot of flack, suggesting a qc issue, don';t seem to last more than 30-50 cycles. Not clear if the infinity are basically the same lipo.

    Personnaly tattu r-line are the best batteries I have, hobbyrc do their own brand which seem to have r-line rebadged, although they give different mah (the hobbyrc 1400mah is pretty identical to the 1300mah r-line) - I have tried one and it seemed fine but has taken a hit and now struggles with high draw, not sure if this is just not up to r-line performance or because of the hit, it clear has some damage to one cell
  • #3 by shawdreamer on 21 Apr 2017
  • ive been running a couple of ZOP 1800 4s 60c for a fair few cycles now and cant knock em so far, bit chunkier than what i';d like but offer up plenty of power and punch, only thing worthy of note is the power sag at low volts, im talking just as the cells touch 3.7 you get rapid drop out literally 30 secs later so you definetly need a alarm set somewhere like 3.9v so you';ve got time to land were you choose rather than were you have too.

    other than that their good performers.
  • #4 by Bad Raven on 21 Apr 2017
  • I have a couple of Infinity, but to date have not used them enough to comment.
  • #5 by Reman on 22 Apr 2017
  • turnigy graphene was good a year ago, recent batches have had a lot of flack, suggesting a qc issue, don';t seem to last more than 30-50 cycles.

    Might have been handy to know a week ago before I';d bought 3 of the 1500mAh 3s turnigy graphenes. :)

    I did notice the tattu packs but didn';t think the extra cost was worth it due to them being serious overkill for my kind of flying.

    Anyway, So far we';ve got one vote for nether, one for Zop Power and a "Don';t know" for the Infinitys......... This hasn';t been as open and shut as I was hoping for. :)

    Anymore views on whether Zop or Infinity are good value or optimistically specced junk?
  • #6 by xxpitt on 22 Apr 2017