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  • ched999uk: Currys delivered a fridge freezer and unpacked it outside. Carried it in and all good untill misses took of the bits of tape. One of which was conceling a big dent!!!! Tape stuck on by delivery guys!!! Took 3hrs on phone to get new one delivered 2 weeks later. So feel your pain Bad Raven.
    Today at 17:31:19
  • hoverfly: Qualification to be a delivery driver, can you identify a white van?,  can you drive?,  do your knuckles drag along the ground?...(all said somewhat tongue in cheek there are a cuple who deliver in my area that are stars) :smiley:
    Today at 15:50:06
  • Bad Raven: So do not ever buy from Appliance Direct as theri thrid party couriers (it was a different company today than wednesday!!) are total rubbish!!!
    Today at 13:29:27
  • Bad Raven: So the Freezer saga...........I get a phone call from the delivery driver of the SECOND one to be delivered today to say its fallen off a washing machine it was put on top off and is smashed.
    Today at 13:28:23
  • Gav: discord
    Today at 13:20:46
  • Gav: dicord not working?
    Today at 13:20:32
  • atomiclama: all of it  ::) Clear blue skies little wind, but it's changing now  :(
    November 23, 2017, 14:59:30
  • Bad Raven: You could prune the tree tops from the ground round here........
    November 23, 2017, 12:34:04
  • Bad Raven: Which bit of 30mph plus don't you have then??
    November 23, 2017, 12:33:13
  • atomiclama: Arrrrgggh beautiful weather out there and so close to getting my rig ready for it's FPV maiden, bet the weather changes by the weekend.
    November 23, 2017, 09:40:20
  • shawdreamer: that'll just create a whole new type of acetone squirting with Nerf Super soakers
    November 22, 2017, 20:35:03
  • Bad Raven: 3D Print, anyone?  [link]
    November 22, 2017, 20:30:33
  • Bad Raven: or even bodge.....  ::)
    November 22, 2017, 14:57:33
  • Bad Raven: luckily my bidge to the old one is still working......  :crossfingers:
    November 22, 2017, 14:57:06
  • Bad Raven: They photographed it and the guy sent pics to his 3rd party firm, they took it away with them and had passed info to supplier so that by the time I got to their CS they knew and were prepping refund or replace, so another one is coming for Friday.
    November 22, 2017, 14:55:47
  • Wyntrblue: dont sign for it raven, send it back as broken!
    November 22, 2017, 14:08:25
  • Bad Raven: So, the new freezer arrives, the guy takes it out of the packing, and the door has been hit sideways and the hinges and top smashed.
    November 22, 2017, 13:48:19
  • DarkButterfly: They don't make them like they used to
    November 21, 2017, 11:13:03
  • Bad Raven: It's bodged up and running flat out, new one delivered tomorrow........... yes, expensive!!
    November 21, 2017, 09:49:25
  • hoverfly: That sounds expensive, on the up side you have to eat all the grub as it defrosts... :eating:
    November 21, 2017, 09:19:40

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Quad - Copters / Visuo Drone
« Last post by t0m541 on Today at 17:14:32 »
I recently bought a Visuo XS809HW quadrotor from one of the popular Chinese websites.
Been having a play with it, it seems ok for what it is and the £28 with free postage I paid for it.
I'm now mulling over doing a little bit of fettling with it to see if it can be turned into something a little more trick.

From what I have discovered by looking under the plastic is that the motor/propellor drive is certainly it's weakest link...apart from the battery life.
The motor is a tiny thing that drives the prop through a gear system, which in turn is a spindle running in a bushing that I think, after a few minutes, gets warm and causes the spindle to bind and so slows that prop, which causes instability and drift no matter how much trim you give it. thought is to get rid of the gearing system and fit brushless motors, the housings are 25mm x 10mm so lots of space to fit them.
The other upgrade is to fit an 18650 battery holder into the battery bay as the original batteries are only 900mah and last around 5 mins.
This would give much better options on mah/flight time plus increase the coptor weight a bit and so aid stability in wind, even a slight breeze and it's all over the place at the moment.
What do folks reckon ? 
Batteries / Chargers / 18650 Li-Ion flight packs?
« Last post by Reman on Today at 16:32:09 »
Just thinking aloud here.
I need some new packs for my camera hex. At the minute I'm using 5000mAh 3s packs, But I left them both charged for a week and now they're puffed like beach balls. :(

Back when I was heavily into vaping I bought a rather large quantity of genuine Samsung 25R 18650 cells (At the time they were selling for around £6 each, But buying 50 got them down to under 3 quid each!!!). Friends have "Borrowed" some, I flogged a handful, And I've used a fair few myself, But I've still got a couple dozen of these that are unused.

These cells are good for 22A continuous and up to 35A burst current. Now, By my reckoning if I used 12 of them in a 3S4P configuration I'd get 10.8v, With an 88A continuous and 140A 10 second burst amperage. The idea in my head would be to use 3x 4 cell battery sleds that use spring plate contacts (Rather than coiled spring contacts that I doubt would take the power, Or keep the cell from shifting off the contact at the other end if there was any heavy vibration). It would be heavier than the 5000mAh packs I currently use (Around 600g with the holders and wiring vs 450g for the Li-Po's), But as these cells are 2500mAh's each, that extra 150g should get me double the mAh. The hex uses about 120A flat out and around 65 to 70 while hovering, So as long as I don't get too aggressive with the left stick for long periods I think I should be OK.

The main benefits I can see with this idea is that I could swap out any suspect cells quickly/easily without scrapping the whole "Pack", And I could use stuff I've mainly already got around here. I could also pop all the cells out to re-electroficate them in my collection of NiteCore chargers (So I wouldn't have to parallel charge any of them like I would have to in a soldered together 3S4P setup).

So, It all looks like an obviously kick ar5e idea to me, But as I'm currently feeling a bit drunk from all the flu meds I'm taking I'm now wondering what I've missed........ After all, If Li-Ion was the natural future for multirotor power, Wouldn't we already be using them?
General Discussion / Re: What did the postman bring today?
« Last post by sh0wtime on Today at 16:20:48 »
Just a load of props today.
After watching the guys in the multi storey in Fareham the other night i've come to the conclusion i'll be using lots of props  :whistling:
General Discussion / Re: Racing Drone Resellers
« Last post by sh0wtime on Today at 15:41:59 »
Pick a decent name, set up a page on facebook & start inviting quad flyers in.
Free & it works  ~~
Quad - Copters / Re: Xiaomi MI drone, good bad or ugly
« Last post by hoverfly on Today at 12:51:40 »
OK so the other option won!!!

Very nice ,but it will never fly.. :laugh:
Quad - Copters / Re: Xiaomi MI drone, good bad or ugly
« Last post by DarrellW on Today at 12:46:03 »
OK so the other option won!!!

Gens-Tattu / Re: The biggest offer began...
« Last post by Sarah Lee on Today at 08:01:12 »
EU Office:
Gens ace Black Friday sale now on! Only for EU Individual Users on
1. The RC lipo batteries Up to 70% off now.
2. Extra 10% off use the Code: GENSACE17BF No amount limit! (Here is exclusive code for users in this forum only.)
3. Buy more save more: €10 off when you spend over €150 and €25 off when you spend over €250.
Happy Shopping!
Don't miss, check here:
Off Topic / Re: Caution - silly joke, do not open!
« Last post by Reman on Today at 07:36:54 »
How do you milk sheep?

Release another iPhone.
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