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  • Sounds nice that raven  ~~
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  • Sounds nice that raven  ~~

    Thanks, i did a fair bit to get the best prop combination for speed while sensibly within our noise regs and subjective "noise". By subjective noise I mean the pitch, in the same way a speedboat may emit the same noise as a jet-ski, but will be subjectively far better as it has not got the Jet-ski';s annoying high pitch. 

    This model could easily be faster, if noise were not a sensible (or compulsory)  thing to limit.

    I have withdrawn on test some electrics as they are just too much for our location, even though we are allowed 82dB(A), usually enabling by further mods to drive train.

    I bought a decent noise meter BTW, so my testing is not all subjective!
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  • Twas, yesterday now, but I had a few decent flights with my newest 250. Managed to break an "unbreakable" prop when the receiver aerial Vee released one wedge aerial into a rear prop path, and the FC lost all stability. Interestingly the aerial survived with a little scratch!

    So into the prop box I carry with a small selection of suitable, and then fit, no issue. Check tight and take off, all OK until throttle up fast to pull out into circuit, when it emitted the loudest scream I have ever heard come from a model.  :blink

    Land, check tight, take off..........OK, throttle up, same.    :huh

    Back to the pits bench, and the problem becomes clear, the replacement same size same shape DAL prop (on a front prop) actually has a smaller flat on the boss underside, and while its OK for the nut, the MOTOR serrations are outside its diameter, so the prop was being clamped to a smooth surface by the serrated nut. While the nut was staying tight, these extremely high torque motors could still make it skid!

    Once known to look for, another from the box had the slightly larger (more normal?) boss, was fitted, and all well again.

    NOW, good job that didn';t happen more violently in air at speed, and a thing I will certainly now check for, more than just "is it tight"!!   :sweating:
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  • So, today I get to the field, virtually no wind but dull overcast threatening rain and everything on the ground wringing wet.

    Gave the Blade 230S a good thrashing for two batteries, then, as still no wind,  I chose to fly the Aurora 90 around the patch edge as a course.  First flight, the near new 800mAh 2S battery unexpectedly sagged very very early and while short circling to land it went into LVC, and landed itself into the patch edging, right where the grass cutters yesterday had dumped the grass cuttings.  :blink

    It emerged with wet grass stuck into everywhere, unusual bleeping going on, wacky LED indications on the board , etc, etc. One quick try with new battery and a reset didn';t work, even the four stack rear LED was showing four differing colours and flashing, so quickly turned it off and back home extracted all the grass with a long soft brush and tweezers and then dried it out and.................

    it works................... PHEW.............  :sweating:
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  • Tested out the active track features on the Mavic along the seafront :-)
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  • Tested out the active track features on the Mavic along the seafront :-)
    Which country are you in ?  Its been pi$$ing it down nearly all day.
    I got as far as the gate and next thing you could canoe down the road.
    Spent the rest of the afternoon making a new mount for the ratties wheel the fat  sods broke the previous one. :popcorn:
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  • IT';S STOPPED RAINING :o :o :o Grabbed a couple of batts (3 cell :embarrassed)  and the Kinetic Air Rio.  It';s short grass in the field but really soggey due to the recent monsoon,  getting used to it a bit more but it need a bigger field really.
    Did one batt practicing figure eights, squares, goalpost avoidance :sweating:
    I got three quarters through second batt when i came in a bit hot flipped it and bust the antenna mount, :cry
    On the up side a chap and his two sprogs came over and started chatting, very good positive response,  we spent  twenty mins chatting and  by the time we finished   he was going for a build. Another convert .. ~~
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  • humid but black clouds out wish me luck haha  :laugh:
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  • Got some evening flying on the wing ~~
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  • all recharged and back out today  ;) hopefully mi footage comes out this time lol  :embarrassed :cry
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  • A quick cheeky but cheerfull battery to test my new sparrow 145 build,went ok but the tx is black banding so need better fly day to set the frequency/channel to one that dosnt started to rain slightly plus i was on my way to tesco.
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  • didn';t get far today  :laugh: had problems yesterday when switching model memory on my dx6 and it was losing bind with rx  :tongue: instead of checking before going out this is how far I got thank god I cleared the tree as I had WOT throttle and she wasn';t climbing at all lol  :sweating:  :sweating:

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  • Ouch..  :laugh:
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  • No damage tho hover was expecting it in bits when my mate brought it back in, even the props survived  :laugh:
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  • Indoor today.  Wanted to go outdoor but constant stream of showers, some very heavy.

    Instead of the Tiny6, E010s, etc, etc, I actually got the Inductrix(s) out for a fly. (Wondered if they still would fly it had been so long!)  :whistling:

    Quick clip of a move I have been working up to and today with a "don';t care any more" quad, did a few times. Quick Video of just one.   ;)

    Note, this particular camera works perfectly into the headset screen in colour but does not like the Eachine DVD as normally set (and I can';t be bothered to alter the NTSC/PAL setting in the DVD recorder just for it, so its in glorious black and white! Lovely...............  :rolleyes:

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  • nice gap move raven  ~~
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  • popped out tonight for some milk and put 2 packs through the newly built TBS 500 clone, it flies well but i still prefer the AQ600 so i dont see me keeping this new build long
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  • had a m8 visit yesterday who wanted to see the Kinetic  fly, only had a quick blast cos  someone  turns the sun  off far to early.  Good result though  another convert.. ::)
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  • Yep. Tearing it up now that I';ve set my FPV camera up at a decent angle.  :wack0

    ...need to change the angle of my recording camera now.
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  • I';ve been ripping the massive tricopter around, 13 inch carbon props, will be putting 14';s back on, it';s flying well apart from a lively tail, which needs its rate turned down. ~~
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  • Yep. Tearing it up now that I';ve set my FPV camera up at a decent angle.  :wack0

    ...need to change the angle of my recording camera now.

    Excellent vid  ::) your rolling and flipping with ease now !
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  • Cheers mate. It';s still all rather clunky, but I';m pleased that at least I';ve got some rough tricks to start to refine. Took a lot of bottle to do the first one, but I was really surprised how easy it comes after a little practice.
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  • A change of app this morning, from DJI go..... to ';Litchi';  ~~
    All seems to work very well, takes the P3s billy box standard functionality, and changes it quite a lot into a more sophisticated model with waypoints, orbit, follow etc....
    did 'YOU' fly today??

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  • Managed to get over the field and put 2 5200 lipo`s through the AQ600, as usual all good, pushed it out a bit further but not telling how far so i dont incriminate myself, but it was still in sight (its big and well light up ;) )
    Still really love flying this big ole beast.
    Russ turned up with 2 huge powered gliders so stayed and watched them fly, green with envy, one is a huge 2.6m and flies just superb<br /><br />
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  • Two more batteries put through the wing ~~

    Fitting FPV to the massive tricopter, going to have some fun slinging that around ::)
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  • Russ turned up with 2 huge powered gliders so stayed and watched them fly, green with envy, one is a huge 2.6m and flies just superb.
    That ain';t big!!! Lookie here:

    And here:
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  • Pure filth... :o :o Wonderful.. ~~