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  • Bad Raven: I would'nt know but obviously you have had the experience.....  :evil
    June 17, 2018, 13:08:09
  • shawdreamer: his boyfriend couldnt wait..... :whistling:
    June 17, 2018, 11:58:37
  • hoverfly: Keckon, is usually the result of typing with your mouth full. :whistling:
    June 16, 2018, 16:37:24
  • Bad Raven: Keckon???  Where did THAT come from??
    June 16, 2018, 16:13:17
  • Bad Raven: I keckon you have bootleg Domino's................  And HF , I ALWAYS give a tip, it's "don't upset me"....
    June 16, 2018, 16:08:46
  • DarkButterfly: Not sure why they're different colours :laugh:
    June 16, 2018, 13:19:02
  • hoverfly: Blue boxes are used to indicate to the delivery bloke they won't get a tip at that house.. :laugh:
    June 16, 2018, 09:07:42
  • Bad Raven: And on another more important matter, wny is your domino's box red, ours are blue!!!   :blink :laugh:
    June 16, 2018, 05:47:01
  • Bajadre: :laugh:
    June 15, 2018, 23:47:19
  • DarkButterfly: :laugh:
    June 15, 2018, 22:41:37
  • shawdreamer: oh it'll fly...... like a piece of 5hit with a big arse motor attached..... but it'll fly :laugh:
    June 15, 2018, 22:25:24
  • hoverfly: Superb,  :rofl:
    June 15, 2018, 22:14:50
  • DarkButterfly: :smiley:
    June 15, 2018, 21:02:23
  • DarkButterfly: Need to get some electronics on this and see if it flies [link]
    June 15, 2018, 21:02:14
  • atomiclama: I used the solder ones [link] as I do't have a crimp tool and should be able to reuse the connector if required
    June 15, 2018, 14:50:33
  • VaNDAL_UK: Nice one. I'm gonna go for it. just looking for the SMA connectors with the crips as Ive had a few break at the root.
    June 15, 2018, 14:44:53
  • atomiclama: these are my first attempts, got better since then [link]
    June 15, 2018, 10:57:11
  • atomiclama: Yeah could've got mine cheaper but wanted it in reasonable time. Go for it, It's rewarding to see something you have made yourself.
    June 15, 2018, 10:54:38
  • VaNDAL_UK: atomiclama: I was pricing up the cable 0.08 copper wire and SMA connectors came out to about £15 and I could have made 5 meters worth of antennas!
    June 15, 2018, 10:31:48
  • hoverfly: Betaflight RC1...Interesting  if you go to the O.S.D  settings and then change the font  by lining up the icons in the correct precise order then hit  enter,...... It opens up the  O.C.D.  screen. :smiley:
    June 15, 2018, 09:01:13

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