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  • Hello and welcome buddy.

    First, you don';t need the VRX module unless you';re getting the Dominators. The Attitudes come with one. Also it says the CPPM adapter is only required for the Taranis, so you don';t need that for the FlySky TX. FlySky and FrSky are unrelated brands with different protocols.

    The only other thing I';d say is, get 4s lipos and get more of them. 2 will get you about 8mins in the air. And you';ll grow out of 3s in no time. You';re better going 4s off the bat and get some less agressive props to tame the power while you learn.
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  • welcome to the forum, personally i think i';d be looking at something else other than the Vortex not sure what as i don';t know much about ARF/BNF/RTF quads but IMHO they don';t fly that great and the older version in the long run will be a waste of money IHMO.

    don';t you fancy building one yourself? it';s quite straight forward if you can solder and use a PC :smiley:

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  • Agree with revs points completely

    Also would add, you are better to build than rtf, it would be cheaper and when you crash you will need the skills and kit anyway

    Now the vortex - the vortex is a good rtf quad, however that one isn';t. Understand the financial possition but that is running 1806 and I think 2300kv motors, and from some of the parts lists I am inferring it is rocking a naze 32 earlier than v6.
    (To be clear you are looking at a mid ranged quad from over two years ago, and this hobby moves fast)

    As a starting quad it would get you off the ground and probably be ok to start with but way before you pay off the finance, and/or as soon as you fly with anyone else you will find it is slow and cumbersome

    At that point you have three choices: get something else or upgrade, become bored and move on, either of the first two is gonna cost cash

    If you can organise finance outside of the supplier there are better and less expensive options elsewhere
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  • Thanks i will need to google some of the jargon but really good advise.

    I would love to build my own but wasn';t really sure where to start. ill do some research.

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  • Sorry to jump back in but what are the core components i should focus on to have a quad i can develop and upgrade?

    im assuming frame and ESC are the most important?

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  • So I would take a drive round the 250 builds subforum, there are lots of builds people have posted there that detail all the components.

    I wrote this for electric wingman:
    (If you call up the store they will help you out and make sure you have what you need)

    Also painless360 YouTube channel has some good guides on building
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  • Thanks for all the advise here. I have looked through your article (very very helpful) and watched a lot of painless.
    I am going to build my own as ive added it up and your right i can build something significantly better than the RTF.


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  • :)

    so we are here to help.

    I would recomend you put together a list of what components you are wanting to use and post in the 250 builds section, people will chip in, help out with any omissions or gotchas or options you may want to consider