• #1 by nate80 on 03 Jun 2016
  • I recently picked one of these up for all kinds of uses from flying, to holidays and car dash cam recording.  Turns out it's potentially really good at doing it all.  I only have a 16GB microsd at the moment, which records about an hour and a half of high quality footage, and the batteries last about as long, but the footage quality is great and the official iPhone app works really well too.

    I upgraded the cameras firmware and that added a lot of new useful features.  The WiFi connection is really impressive, but I wouldn't use it when flying in case of interference.  But that's cool as it turns out it's easy to adapt the Yi into an 2.5K FPV camera too - something I'm going to do when I get the time.

    I'm really impressed with the little thing, especially at the price of £40 odd.   ~~
  • #2 by ds123 on 14 Feb 2017
  • I've been looking at getting an action camera I can strap onto my quad for a little while now. I'd be keen to learn which ones people are using. Not interested in GoPro as I'll most likely crash and break it but £40 is an acceptable risk.
    Where did you get it for £40?
  • #3 by nate80 on 15 Feb 2017
  • I bought it a while back from Gear Best or Bang Good I guess, when prices were lower and before the Yi II became the standard.  Looks like the price of the original is closer to £50-60 now.  Here's one for pretty cheap and it's in the UK:
  • #4 by nub on 15 Feb 2017
  • used one for a wee while until i smashed the lens in good style,  now it doesn't power up but aye a pretty decent camera/Gopro knock off or the price.