• #1 by nate80 on 12 Oct 2016
  • Hi guys,

    I tried to update the Taranis firmware using the software supplied on the FrSky website.  But it turns out it's version 2.1.6 - the same firmware as is already on the radio

    So I went to the Open TX website for the most recent firmware, but according to the website OpenTX version 2.2 is only available after downloading the TX Companion in .exe format.  So I downloaded the newest Open TX companion and installed it.  But when I try to search for Open TX Companion updates, or Firmware updates I get an error message that says 'Unable to Check for Updates'.

    How can I update the firmwares of the internal module, the Taranis' OpenTX firmware (version 2.2 apparently), or the X8R receiver firmware to the newest versions?  Are the individual files available anywhere other than through the TX companion software (which can't search for updates) or the FrSky website (which seems to provide outdated files)?
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  • normally you just copy the new firmware to your Taranis SD card and flash it using the radio!

    download the opentx

    Upgrading Stock Taranis Firmware to OpenTX

    upgrade bootloader mode!
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  • Cheers for the links.  That was a great pointer in the right direction.   ~~

    The OpenTX 2.2 companion software is broken and won't connect to the online servers.  As soon as I installed the companion .exe file on the webpage that you provided the updates function worked perfectly and I was able to grab the new OpenTX firmware.

    Once I had installed the new OpenTX firmware I was able to update the Bootloader, the Internal Module and the X8R receiver using the SD Card and the Taranis' Firmware loader.  I had to make a specific data transfer cable out of a standard servo lead to successfully flash the RX, but I found a great guide for that here:

    Thanks again.   :beer2: