• #1 by serepton on 18 May 2017
  • Hello,

    I have just received a TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 V2 VTX that I want to put in my stock Blade Conspiracy 220.

    The TBS VTX has a 4 pin input but the Blade VTX has a 6 pin plug with 5 cables in it. It seems that the blade cable is split, three going to the camera and two getting power from the RX.

    How can I make the TBS VTX work with the Conspiracy?

    I am new to FPV so this is a learning curve for me!

    Thank you for any help you can give, I have attached some photos to show my dilema.

  • #2 by Ern Stock on 19 May 2017
  • Presuming there';s no weird stuff with a blade setup , You need to know the voltage tolerances of that camera.
    I would be checking the voltage supplied to the vtx  as well before connecting your new vtx.
    Then check with tbs manual , presumably red n black are + and -  .
    Yellow (usually ) video.
    If you happy about the voltages , yellow from the camera goes to yellow on vtx , then you can use the same power supply for vtx and camera.
    If camera volts needs to be ( let';s say ) 5v and vtx supply is (let';s say) 12v , you';ll need a small 5v Bec between them.
    Above all
    1) check power supply for camera is regulated ( i.e. Not direct battery volts )
    2) check out what someone cleverer than me says in next post !
  • #3 by Cheredanine on 19 May 2017
  • Let';s be a bit more specific
    Your old vtx has its connections clearly labelled, these are:

    Power (usually a red wire, this is providing power to the vtx, would need to trace the cable or more likely put a multimeter in it to find out what voltage is being supplied but suspect battery voltage

    Ground (black wire) provides ground to the vtx

    Audio (?) used to provide audio from the camera to the vtx - given the cam has no audio or mike suspect this is the missing wire

    Video (usually yellow) takes the video signal from the cam

    Ground (black) provides ground to the cam

    Dc5v (red) provides 5v to power the cam

    Typically the last three cables will go straight to the cam, unless there is an osd involved

    Now the tbs vtx you have is different
    Its cabling, also labelled, is

    Video (yellow) - same as other vtx
    Audio (white) - same as other, since cam doesn';t have audio you can either cut it off, tape it up or if it has smart audio v2, connect it to the flight controller
    Ground (black) provides ground for the vtx
    5v (red) powers the vtx

    So the main differences, and this is based on the assumption you don';t have an osd, the last three wires above on the old vtx go straight to the cam and the power wire to the old vtx is battery voltage, is

    Old system takes battery voltage to the vtx and that provides 5v to the cam

    New system the vtx and cam need 5v and neither can power the other

    So you need a 5v supply, I';d the pdb doesn';t have one I would suggest a 5v pololu

  • #4 by serepton on 19 May 2017
  • Thank you very much for your help.

    It is much clearer now!