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  • Can anyone with the new Aomway Commander goggles confirm wether I have a faulty set ?
    With mine everything seems to work ok but when I press button 2 for 3 seconds to go into DVR mode the 'rec' symbol shows in the top right corner of the screen pressing button 2 briefly it starts flashing and recording pressing briefly stops recording........... but the 'rec' symbol stays in the corner and doesn't disappear so from now on until I disconnect the battery the 'rec' stays in the corner ? I assumed pressing button 2 again would disable DVD mode so removing the 'rec' symbol but all it does is make the picture go wavey ?
    Do I have a fault or does anyone elses do this ?
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  • Someone has been kind enough to answer my question on another forum the answer was as below :-

    This is normal. REC label does not dissapear until you turn off the goggles.
    As for pictures becoming wavey - you turn on the DVR in the background, so the waves you see is actually DVR menu covered by video feed overlay. To make DVR menu clearly visible you need to press and hold left 5-pos joystik for 3 seconds. Then radio feed gets cut off, and you'll see the DVR.

    Thanks Dovcharov I understand now I was switching on the DVD menu when I pressed button 2 for a another 3 seconds without pressing button 3 for 5 seconds first ......When I press the correct buttons now in the correct sequence ie 3 first to bring up the playback screen 'then' button 2 which brings up the menu all makes sense and explains the wavey lines i was getting ........unfortunately the instructions weren't clear enough for me to understand but now I do thanks to your help.
    It's a shame you can't turn off the 'rec' symbol though when your not recording so you have a clear screen for flying ?
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  • Thanks for posting the info here bud ;) I think you must be the first on the forum to get them.
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  • Well first impressions are a mixed bag I did get the latest version so the buttons are labelled on top, I did get the clover antenna rather than the dipole and the headstrap has a strap going over the head as well so that's all good........ bad points so far the manual is a little hard to understand especially which button to press first to get playback I've also read others are having problems once they set auto record they can't get it back to manual record without unplugging then taking the sd card out and plugging back in a few times to reset it !!
    My main problem is the lenses don't go far enough apart so in the corners it is slightly blurred and I wouldn't say I had spaced out eyes  :laugh:
    Also I have only flown once so far with them on and still got more break up than i thought I should and I lost picture completely and had to crash land !! It could be the quad vtx or antenna so I need to investigate some more.
    I have upgraded from Fatshark Attitude V2's so on paper these Aomway's should be far superior I need a few more flights with them to iron out the gremlins then I'll be able to comment fairly on them  ;)