• #1 by Mi96ke on 17 May 2017
  • I'm doing my first build and am doing a lot of research into everything to make sure I get exactly what I want.
    It's a racing drone but I want the option of adding telemetry and GPS.
    What are the best modules that work well (and good range) with the Openpilot CC3D Revolution mini?
    Are the ones that come with the package any good? I've heard the GPS with that kit is very basic
    Thanks for any info/opinions
  • #2 by Ern Stock on 17 May 2017
  • Hi
    Lots of research is good.
    Won't be long before you see lots of advice recommending a first build is kept simple , which is good advice.
    So good I'm going to repeat it : keep it simple !
    And I would say that a racing drone is no place for gps - style control. But that's just me

    I guess the oplink is telemetry , have just set up a revo with the ones from bangood.  Though only used the ground side as am using full size revo board that has the air side built in.
    Have added ublox gps with external mag. Super lazy of me but bought the "ready for revo" version off of unmanned tech. Bit dear , but plug n play
    Works fine ( on larger 550 craft )
    Telemetry might also mean on fpv screen
    /goggles display - I have only ever had volts for that and that's now available built in to fpv cams.
    Possible to have all sorts on your on screen display though if you want .
  • #3 by Mi96ke on 18 May 2017
  • Thanks, I'm putting GPS on it mainly to help with leaning to fly, so I can find it with I loose it (I got a bit ahead of myself and lost my first rtf drone 😂😂) I won't be keeping GPS on it but it'll help me learn more is the oplink good or is it fairly plain/ simple?
  • #4 by Ern Stock on 19 May 2017
  • Be good to get some other opinions but I really don't think GPS will help you learn to fly.
    May well get you operating a gps craft quicker but that's not learning to fly.
    Aaaah - that reads brutal , but am trying to help - honest.
    A bloody great buzzer (£3) and a loc8tor light (£65) poss better options to find lost craft. ( just had my loc8tor in use this eve in very long grass)
    Also not flying too far away ! ( or in my case this eve , behind my body , a large holly and a shrubby oak and two hedge banks !)
    With revo mini you may start running short of ports with gps and external mag and oplink.
    Oplink with revo is good imo but check it out ;
    If that link no good it's all on librepilot wiki .
    Oplink (for me ) is a rc link that replaces the USB cable.
    Makes set up easier , and gives all the GCS data on laptop whilst flying - ideal for air cow camera ship , less so for racer.

    ( most of above presumes using librepilot on the revo )
  • #5 by ThomRC on 19 May 2017
  • I don't think in this context the GPS will do what you're expecting. It'll tell the quad where it is, but it can't really do anything with that information unless you give it some kind of autopilot which is a whole other system. If you want to use it to find your quad, it'll need some kind of transmission system to relay the info back to you. A loc8tor would work but imo it's overkill.

    A buzzer will cost a few pence and can be activated via a switch on your transmitter, plus it'll have the added advantage that it'll let you know when your battery is low, which would be a bigger concern for me than losing the quad.