• #1 by ched999uk on 16 May 2017
  • Been flying my f450 with gimbal for a while. Started using fpvfreerider and my TX (flysky i6) and quanum v2 goggles to start learning fpv acro.
    I would like to just fly round between trees and a bit of aerobatics. Obviously the f450 isn't the craft for this. So I want to build a robust small quad that can on odd occasions carry my sj4000 cam but mostly just have fun flying round things learning acro.
    So what size frame do you think fits the bill best bearing in mind I can build small (electronics engineer by trade) but don't want to pay more just to be small? Also it will be a budget build.

    Cheers for any suggestions.
  • #2 by Saleem on 16 May 2017
  • Biggest one mate,i got the turnigy version of the same cam and its pretty small on its own but with the protective case its rather hefty and large so off experience of the width and weight you gonna need hefty motors and frame.

    Quite frankly i just gave up on mine and i fitted a dvr to my 250,shame i hardly ever fly it why i never post any footage of my not so flying skills  :laugh:

    If theres a safe way to mount it and its less weighty then you will be okay fir a smaller frame but you will have to underslung the battery,if you ok with that?some people prefer underslung over ontop,personaly i wouldnt know fir acro as i fly it but dont freestyle.i can fly with battery either way but on a 180 you gotta think about the battery and the size if you want to mount ontop.

    I am just not a big fan at the mo with anything much bigger than 200ish,i prefer smaller 150 myself.
  • #3 by Cynabal on 16 May 2017
  • 130 and 150 size are great for learning on and fun to fly and are small and light enough if you get a good frame they tend to bounce on crashes and very rarely break, but i feel they are a little small for mounting a camera the extra weight ruins the flight times and maneuverability. You definitely want something that can run at least 5 inch props.
  • #4 by ThomRC on 16 May 2017
  • If you're set on getting an HD cam on it, go for a 200+ with 5" props. A 130 will struggle to lift it, it'll probably take off but it'll feel underpowered. Here's a video of an Armattan Japalura with a runcam: you can hear the motors screaming all the way around and you can see the lack of power when he's trying to punch over trees.

    A 180 on 4" props will be slightly better and not sound like it's got a fire lit under it's danglies, but it'll still impact the performance.

    Look up the weight of the quads you're looking at, the SJ4000 weighs 58g, on a little 130 that can be over a quarter of it's AUW.
  • #5 by Cheredanine on 16 May 2017
  • Agree with Cynabel, 5 inch props, plenty of robust 5 inch frames around, watch the weight
  • #6 by Bad Raven on 17 May 2017
  • OK, so I have 280, 250, 200, 160 (2 of) and 150 (2 of).

    As already said, I'd forget anything below 200 and 5" props carrying a HD camera, HOWEVER, I find most of my flying is on the pair of 160's with 1306 motors and three blades with a DVR on the Headset.  The other pair are 1104 motored for big indoor and garden.

    The 1306 motors will happily drag a 1300mAh 3S around, though normally when not running the full size to boundaries of our site I run 850 or 1000.

    Incidentally, one 150 and one 160 are on the expensive Horus, the other pair on a really cheap FlySky FS-i6, otherwise the quads are identical. I prefer the FlySky!!!!  The 280, 250 and 200 are also on the FlySky and I see no reason to swap.
  • #7 by atomiclama on 17 May 2017
  • +1 for the smaller quads.

    Bits are cheaper.
    They bounce better.
    They break less.
    Still fast and maneuverable.
    They can carry a camera but it gets harder to fit them on.

    I prefer them.
  • #8 by ched999uk on 17 May 2017
  • Thanks very much for all the helpful replies.
    Must admit I am a bit torn between carrying the hd cam and survivability. I suppose thinking about it I have the F450 for HD stuff maybe I should just go for a 160ish.
    I do like the idea of something small and fairly crash resistant.
    I think I will start investigating 160 ish frames.

    Anyone suggest a budget 160ish frame and associated components?

    Thanks again.
  • #9 by Bad Raven on 18 May 2017
  • Mine are Diatone ET frames, DYS 1306 3100kV, BL Heli 20A, 3" TRI BLADES, Foxeer CCD Camera, "full size" PDB, FC and VTX.

    The early frames had a thinner 1.5mm base plate, the later 2mm.  Frame format is "Dead Cat" giving a good combo of stability at speed yet great acro.
  • #10 by atomiclama on 18 May 2017

  • I've built and crashed a couple of small quads. The first frame didn't last too long, cheap thin carbon, but it was a good introduction.

    My second is proving to be bomb proof, managed to get a preproduction frame from armattanquad's bargain bin for a tenner

    If I were to build something up from scratch I'd go with the following: -

    Budget frames are ok as long as you understand they are more likely to break and require replacing.

    1806 motors.

    You could fit 220x motors but then the weight goes up

    Dalprop 4045 x 3 props.

    The quad blades are a blast but borderline too heavy and they hammer the lipo. My lipos are not upto the job.

    Any of the 4-in-1 ESC as fitting the ESC on the arms is a pain in the backside, something like:-

    I'm just rebuilding my quad with one of these to see what it's like.

    Camera, RX and VTX of choice , just keep it small and light.

    I run a selection of lipos from 800mAh to 1100mAh and get ~4-5 mins flight out of them.
  • #11 by atomiclama on 18 May 2017
  • Oh yeah a build log with pictures is required.  :popcorn:
  • #12 by ched999uk on 22 Jun 2017
  • Now the runcam split is out, subject to reviews, it makes HD footage on a smaller than 200 frame a good possibility.
    So any recommendations for a 150+ budget frame and Motors etc. Ideally want standard 35mm FC as the split is same mount, would like to use 4in1 esc as tidied and safer inside frame.
    So any ideas?

    Thanks again.
  • #13 by Bad Raven on 22 Jun 2017
  • Have a look at the Diatone ET 160.  Roughly £25.

    I have two 150's and two 160'S. The early 150's has a thinner baseplate and should be avoided.

    Two have 1306 motors and run full course distances with 1300mAh packs down to 800mAh for lunacy acro, and two 1104 for indoor/garden bashers with 500mAh.
  • #14 by shawdreamer on 22 Jun 2017
  • Now the runcam split is out, subject to reviews, it makes HD footage on a smaller than 200 frame a good possibility.
    So any recommendations for a 150+ budget frame and Motors etc. Ideally want standard 35mm FC as the split is same mount, would like to use 4in1 esc as tidied and safer inside frame.
    So any ideas?

    Thanks again.

    Im looking at using a stacked fc and esc setup on my new frame design and found a nice budget freindly assortment on banggood as usual, basically they offer three different fc's coupled with the same 4in1 esc, 35mm format and a nice compact stack setup too.

    might be worth a nose to ya...

    their all listed as optional upgrades for the Eachine 120 falcon but Ive used the exact same 20amp racerstar 4in1 on 250's for a while now and it performs very well, add in the prewired plugs and they all make for a very tidy setup.