• #1 by Saleem on 08 Apr 2017
  • Had a catastrophic esc wipeout,quite literaly all the esc got was also on a naze using a 5v pololu,esc were all daisy chained.

    This time.

    20a racestar esc.
    1306 emax red bottoms.
    Dtfc (pdb/fc allin1)
    Flysky x6b (think it is) rx.
    Dys 25/200 vtx (runs off 5v)
    1/4 600tvl cmos camera.
    Realacc rhcp antenna.

    Am waiting on replacing the vtx fir another that can have the sma connector removed easier as i tried on one already and ripped the pads off trying so getting alternate replacement,then i will run a skinny antenna.

    Its wearing dys 3030 tris (think its 3030) its a screamer,realy fast on 800 65c 4s.

  • #2 by Cynabal on 16 Apr 2017
  • I was looking at this frame, its super compact, probably as small as you can go with 3 inch props, if i break the tyrant (which I doubt) or i want something lighter i might get one of these, cant you get some cool looking cowling/canopy for them?
  • #3 by Saleem on 16 Apr 2017
  • This is the first version,dont think its got the mounts for canopy where the v2 has,also this first version cant take 20x20 based circuitry so another negative.

    Props are 3030 and realy thats the biggest it will take in this configuration,to run 3530 it would need to be a lot slimmer for blades to spin over top of body.

    I kinda prefer micro sub 150ish quads,there is a 83mm version of this also but i got a bobo 95.

    Its a scream,this would be insane with 1407!
  • #4 by Cynabal on 16 Apr 2017

  • Its a scream,this would be insane with 1407!

    Do it! :evil lol
  • #5 by Saleem on 16 Apr 2017
  • it'll be off the rails on 1407,for whats there i will take it and my diatone 150 with tornados on up park and fly a battery on each as i only have 2,then see which gets round fastest.if its as fast as the 1407 then staying on the 1306 red bottoms.
  • #6 by Saleem on 10 May 2017
  • Just a chilling update,i trashed this today in a ruddy big crash!

    Wouldnt have been so bad if was grass but i ended up fir first time hitting a road!

    Lucky noone got hurt or property,i cant explain what happened but the atom was well twitchy and i lost it out front where i live.i thought i crashed in the grounds but it was outside the fence and hit a busy road.i was looking for it and an asian lady came up holding it to the wall and went "is this yours"

    I was lucky but the quad got trashed,lost 2 motor nuts,bust 2 props.ripped off both antenna from rx,rx was left on road so had to retrieve it.the top plate is broke good and proper!

    So i have removed its gubbins until i can either buy another complete new frame or top plate.i think someone was selling one months ago.

    Coincidently i ordered a diatone spadger frame today so will hopefully plop its gibbins into that,so watch out in couple weeks time for another 150 build.
  • #7 by Saleem on 19 May 2017
  • Tada! I gave birth to it for second time,yep i know,it was reborn,then trashed and reborn again (boring part over)

    I bought some of the gorilla epoxy resin stuff and use a bit of lollpop stick,epoxied the front mount hole part on top frame,then after it set,filed it down and then epoxied the lollipop stick in place,that set then i filed that down.

    Rebuilt and test hovered,same esc,motors but i have use a holybro kakute v1 aio,the dtfc was twitching.i am swapping the vtx out for another with a floppy antenna direct soldered to save weight.just gotta wait for hot glue gun as i broke mine couple days ago.

    Hovers great.

  • #8 by Saleem on 23 May 2017
  • So its reborn again!

    This time i used a holybro kakute aio v1 fc,changed the vtx to a cheap vtx for the vtail quad off banggood,seems okish and a direct soldered floppy antenna.

  • #9 by Saleem on 25 May 2017
  • Unless i get extremely lucky i lost the quad,flew away!

    I rebuilt the quad,went from s dtfc to a holybro kakute,that fc seemed to make the quad lose control,went back to dtfc,all the wires were a mess so left the gnd off the esc.

    Went to park today and never checked fail safe,took off,went round some trees,cane back,went for trees again and quad seemed to throttle and couldnt throttle dowm,by time i switch tx off its gone,i remember seeing trees,and theres s@@t loads of trees.

    Had wander around and nothing,i gos talks to a couple,they saw and heard nothing.gos to fly another quad,very nervously.

    Kinda peeved off i thought lets have last aimless wander around,gos wandering near some trees and could kinda hear something like a quad trying to spin its motors.trying to get my beads on it and all the frikkin cars are gping by picking kids up from school,then cant hear f all!

    Got general idea where it might be but all tall trees,might scout another day,other than that this is a dead nonexistent quad!
  • #10 by trebor on 28 May 2017
  • Sorry about your quad but what's that round red disk attached to one of the rear arms ?
  • #11 by Saleem on 28 May 2017
  • Flytron strobon strobe led light,realy nice for finding quad,highly recommend.