• #1 by Davie on 17 Jul 2016
  • are fpv googles suitable for people that wear reading glasses or would i be better with a screen
  • #2 by Powernumpty on 17 Jul 2016
  • It is possible to get dioptre lenses for the FatSharks, they also fit the SkyZone goggles, About £13 from Banggood (I purchased some about a month ago)

    I used SkyZone's without for a while and got on OK, the fact it is a fast moving fairly low resolution image seems to help the mind fill in detail, I'm not saying that is wise to do that but the difference I found after fitting correction was not as much as I expected.
    Many of the  larger screen type goggles (even down to the Quanum Cyclops) can take glasses, which would allow you to get the exact prescription.

    A screen is a different experience and a lot depends on what sort of flying you intend to do.

  • #3 by agrs1974 on 17 Jul 2016
  • Hey Davie. I am in Wishaw. No far from you.

    I have both the fatshark doms v3 and the qaunums v2 . You are welcome to try them out.

  • #4 by Paul-H on 18 Jul 2016
  • Hi

    I have the Cyclops and find that even with glasses on I can't get a sharp image, for me the inbuilt lens is just not strong enough, for my eyes and prescription.
  • #5 by gb0wers on 18 Jul 2016
  • I have a reading prescription of about 1.5 dioptres and use Skyzone goggles successfully without any additional lenses. It is my understanding that the images of the screens are placed optically at infinity by a combination of multiple lenses, so your eyes are observing rays that appear to come from a distant object.

    I've also tried the flyingwings eco type of goggles with a single screen and single fresnel lens and never really got a good image from them at the lens wasn't strong enough. I haven't given up on them but they are in the queue for attention. The single fresnel lens wasn't strong enough and there was no room to wear reading glasses.

    The true test is to try some out and I see you have had an offer. Also, Maplins sell FPV goggles so you could probably try some there.
  • #6 by Davie on 25 Jul 2016
  • Hi Andy thats a great offer only problem is i am working 7 days at the moment and dont finish till 7
  • #7 by mph999 on 25 Jul 2016
  • I wear glasses with a prescription of about -3.5

    I use Fatshark googles with the diopter lenses, -2.00 is close enough and I can see the image perfectly well.

    Hope this helps,
  • #8 by Napalmtheelf on 19 May 2017
  • People have noted that the single screen goggles, like the Headplay will allow glasses to be worn, while in the other more innovative camp, people appear happy to butcher Fatsharks and set the workings inside ski masks.
    I wear glasses and have a rather complicated prescription, so will be heading for the single screen ones, though I wish I was brave enough to hack up Fatsharks....would be lighter certainly.
  • #9 by Bad Raven on 19 May 2017
  • With single screen headsets the usual issue is that they don't give enough distance between eye and screen. This can be got round by using lens sold for magnifying headsets. These are sold in sets of several differing mags, and a little testing will find the one for you.


    I started with Quanum2 and found that these lens clipped into the (then used) fresnel lens frame, so easy to temp fit and test.