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  • Red?  ...........  RED??     ;)

    Perhaps , i would say more of a puce pink... :rofl:  Vaping has given it a nice finish..
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  • it was that or Pink.......... not a difficult decision to make :hmm:
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  • just finished stealing adapting the Sparks folding props for use with 5mm shaft motors so Ill add them to the clone build at a later date, my previous adapter for 1806 motors is still going strong on my v1 reaper.

    my only gripe though is their tragic thrust level, punchout is crap but they do seem more effecient than the usual props I use which is probably how the spark gets most of its flight stamina.
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  • just doing a few touch-up and mods to the Twinboard while I was replacing the Sparkies FC with a older Naze32 Rev5 (the 6's keep frying their diodes)...

    The Twinboards been changed over to PPM now so I could use it to test out the Turnigy Evolution TX I recently bought, the only problem was Id previously sealed and hot glued over all the power connections to the fc and 4in1 esc in the Twinboard which left me with no where to slyly connect the Turnigy iA6c RX's battery telemetry wires.

    Now I could have tried to clean off some of the terminals but we all know what a pain that can prove to be so instead I cobbled together the connector you can now see on the back of the frame, the balance connector of the lipo in use (3s/4s) plugs into this and that inturn sends the battery voltage to the RX telem port (originally the Twinboard had a onboard lipo alarm there but obviously isnt needed if Im getting battery voltage to the evo's handset now)

    seen as I was in the "fiddling mode" I added this for those "whoops Im upside down in a bush" free advertising moments.

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  • I liking this "badging" stuff too much, keep going and Ill end up adding a kg to my poor twinboard :laugh:

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  • just finished tidying up sparkie a bit after giving her her first proper runout down the field, I was shivering like a Jamaican in Antarctica by the time Id killed all the lipo's Id taken with me and got back home....dam its cold!

    Seriously considering getting a new roll of ABS in for the weekend and doing a full reprint, the colour just aint working for me atall, nothing wrong with the frame, she flies like a absolute trooper and is very responsive with no complaints about her grunt either...... its just she looks crap in that frock..... its like putting pippa middleton in the baggiest nasty jogger bottoms you can find, it just makes no sense too. :laugh:
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  • kinda killing the whole Dji Spark design approach now but the more revisions I made the more each version came closer and closer to what I want.

    so from the direct clone came the adapted clone, then I made a revised design which incorporated the adaptions Id made to the original and added in some improvements, now after getting a fair few flights out of the Revised design(The sparkie) Im once again back to revising the revised design of the revised clone (counts revisions on fingers)....yer thats right I think :hmm:

    so without further ado I give you Project Sparkie (Ill think up a better name later)

    Im pretty sure this will be the last revision I make of this particular design as Ive pretty much learned all I can from it and improved what was possible.

    As said this revision will take all the improvements and mods from the originals and compress them into a much more tidy package (which will hopefully also include a degree of weight reduction).  The main plan this time though is to make the whole thing much much cheaper and easier to make (even though imho the others aernt exactly brain surgery).

    first Im using a Afro 4in1 pcb/esc/fc board I scooped from HK for £7  :blink so right there is a huge saving price wise.

    Ive opted to use Esun ABS filament for the main body as Esuns stuff is actually a little more sturdy than most, it also prints very stable and clean, I might consider using CF ABS on the following builds (I intend to make 3 of these this time)

    The canopy will be transparent ABS (blue for the first and orange and green for the following builds)

    The fpv cam is now situated internally within the main body and canopy which gives the design a much more clean profile and flat bottom, the bottom itself will be getting a 0.5mm cf plate across its whole area which will add a increased degree of rigidity to the entire frame without adding too great a weight (again hopefully)

    the first is already underway and has came out quite nice so far...

    The hope is to have all three up and ready for Xmas as along with the blue one which will be my own, the orange and green will be going to a couple of mates as presents and we thoroughly intend to rag the crap out of them down thew local woods on boxing day while the females natter amongst themselves ::)
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  • whoop shiney shiney...

    hmmmm not as "transparent" as Id like but things might change once I give it a acetone vape treatment and fire up the led's inside the frame.  I suppose I could lower the infill percentage to hollow out the inner layers a bit but that'll seriously lower the canopy strength :hmm:
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  • hmmmmm not to bad  but might shove a white smd inside somewhere to light the entire canopy.....

    maybe just light the arse end of the canopy, might work well as a tail light, that way I dont have to worry about different coloured external lights as each canopy will glow whatever colour...

    OOoooo I like that :laugh:
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  • right......

    Without motors (21g each = 84g for 4)


    with oversized 1800mah lipo (154g roughly twice the size/weight I intend to use)

    it weights in at 253g

    estimate wise with half the size battery and motors added Im looking around the 260g mark :hmm:, Ill be happy to keep it below 300g which should be possible as Ill only need to factor in the aio cam and rx (plus a small amount of wiring)

    this trans blue abs has grown on me though, hope the orange and green are as striking :smiley:

    ps, the balance socket you can see on the base plate is to give me the option of installing a internal lipo alarm.
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  • with the small ppm issue I was having somewhat under control I got all the electronics in place and wired up this morning....

    all that really remains is to slot in a aio cam (I need to modify the antenna later)

    and decide what motors to use?

    for cost purposes Ill again limit the options to either 1806's (for reduced weight)


    2200's for more power (but obviously greater weight)

    Im leaning toward 1806's right now though as tbh the frames pretty dam light already so shouldnt need the higher torque the 22's offer :hmm:)

    oh and just to show what I mean regarding weight, heres the weight in with everything but motors and lipo...


    FC, ESCs, RX and Lipo alarm (and whatever wiring obviously), 117g,I was surprisingly pleased, I expected 150g atleast at that stage ::)

    how she looks all powered up and bolted together....

    lipo alarm works quite well I think.
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  • well thats "project sparkie" off the ground (in the literal sense of the word)

    Maidened earlier and after some initial hiccups and tweeking flew very well.

    completed frame weights in at just under 250g and just touching 300g with a 850mah 70c 3s.

    granted thats a pretty small lipo but she isnt short on performance for it.

    I had to swap the initial 1806 motors I was using as one was suffering with a bizarre twitch at high revs, replaced them with some Turnigy 2600kv's which though obviously more greedy than the 1806's still gave me a good 5 minutes of tear-arsing  around with the 850mah 3s's.

    Now I just need to make a couple more and me and a couple of mates are all set for some serious giggles come boxing day  :frantic: :frantic: :frantic: :frantic:
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  • did a quick redesign of the canopy so I could bring the vtx antenna and one of the rx antenna out external (rather than having them all coiled around the outer edge of the body inside) left the second rx antenna internal on the horizontal to give a bit of diversity to the signal.

    also added some venting front and back to help dispel some of the heat the AIO cam can produce, especially when its set to 200mw ( which I never do...... because that'd be illegal...... which is something any self respecting liverpool born individual would never do) :whistling:

    and while I was at it was able to finally add the last bit of the design Ive been waiting on, a 0.5mm double twil weaved carbon fibre base plate which adds even more rigidity to the whole frame while offering a degree of protection for the internals...... plus it looks the dogs danglers.
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  • oh and I also vape treated the canopy, which is why its all shiny and smoooooooooooth
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  • hmmmmm..... I really should have realised everything was progressing way to smoothly.

    HK got in touch with me earlier in the day saying they couldnt source anymore of the aio pdb,esc,fc boards from any of their warehouses and likely wouldnt be able to have any for me till after Xmas.

    considering the plan was to have 3 of my project sparkie's in the air for boxing day that was obviously a problem.

    soooooooooo... nipped back to the drawing board to once again rework the design to use what limited parts I would be able to source on now short notice, heres the result.

    Had to "butch" it up a bit so I could hollow out a bit more of the internal space and lower plate so it could more easily accomodate a fc (naze or cc3d so far), a PDB (foxeer something or other, I forget the exact model) and 4x 15amp escs but all in all the outward appearance compared to the original project sparkie isnt to different (the completed frame in project sparkie v1 while the one still awaiting its cam is v2.

    Fingers crossed I still should have enough time :crossfingers:
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  • well I finally had to resign myself to the fact that I wasnt gonna hit my boxing day 3x project sparkie target :embarrassed

    but...... it was dam close,

    I have the original complete and flying like a champ

    Turnigy 2600kv motors
    Tx02 AIO cam
    Tgy-iA6c RX
    4045 props

    Then as I mentioned HK pulled the rug out from under me with their sudden lack of AIO FC's so I resorted to rapidly using what I could acquire at such short notice.

    into creation came the Naze32 version....

    Naze32 Rev5
    Multistar 4in1 20A esc
    DYS-2600kv motors
    Tx03 AIO cam
    Flysky X6B RX
    4045 props

    and finally I dug out the "long spoon" and scraped around the bottoms of my parts draws and came up with the CC3d version that now sits infront of me in its final stages of build only awaiting its motors (which have no chance of getting here now until after new year :cry)

    CC3d Nano/Atom
    4x 20A Dys BLheli-s Escs
    Matek 12v/5v bec pdb
    Turnigy 2600kvs (on order)
    Eachine 1000tvl ccd Cam (love these cams, very clear and great in low light and in light transitions)
    Flysky X6B RX

    had to again make it a little chunkier than its AIO FC big brother just to accomodate the 4x esc's in the lower body but all in all it was only a 3mm depth increase.

    Even using the smallest components I dared and de-casing what I could with custom mounting etc it was still a little bit of a squeeze in there...

    put it this way...... I probably used up my entire 2018 quota of swear words during the wiring and soldering process, I was having a blue air xmas and it had nothing to do with the colour of the trios canopies either. :whistling:

    only wish Id remembered to order the motors in time :banghead:
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  • well seen as I can do nowt about the trio of sparkies till the motors show up, that leaves me with only one course of action......

    Get to work on the first new design of 2018 :laugh:

    OOOOOOOOOoooooh yes the missus is gonna love me again this year(already have parts sourced and stacked up ready for order in various online shopping carts) :evil

    figured seen as the original died ahead of her time due to a particularly aggressive tree chasing her around the field till she succumbed to lipo exhaustion before viciously beating her without mercy..... I swere thats what happened :whistling:..... I decided to flip back to a 250 design and make the new version of the PodRacer.

    for now its only a first draft of the design but Im pretty confident Its more or less 99% all there,  the remaining 1% will be me pissin about with details that really dont need "pissin about" with in the first place :laugh:

    Made it roomy enough to accommodate multiple electronics versions (including the use of either a 4in1 esc or 4x individuals) while not letting it get to fat and bulky looking, the fc,4in1 & pdb can even be stacked to further increase space (some of which I intend to fill with a onboard dvr rather than putting up with recordings with occasional static lines)

    there's nothing really stopping me running a first set of prints to be fair but I wanna atleast go over it again and see if there anything glaring I might have missed before I send it off to my printers....besides, the main body alone is a 11hr+ print and I still dont like leaving any printer running over night unattended, its just asking for trouble in imho so Ill maybe start them tomorrow.
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  • underway....

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  • decided to split the lower section into two parts for ease of construction and convenience so pretty much started again this morning, just finished the two upper sections (canopy and main body)

    go's together like this now....

    basically means I can mount near everything to the baseeplate (the part I havnt printed yet) and slot it up into the frame for the build or drop it out if I need to get at anything at a later date.

    It go's along with my philosophy of "expect no problems....... but be prepared for them" :laugh:

    A second set of slightly revised arms are currently on print so once their out and vape treated I only need finish up the design touches on the base plate and I should be able to get it printed tomorrow :azn
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  • OOOoooo Im liking how she looks so far, nice and streamlined....

    just the baseplate now (just started up the printer) and its done
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  • bit of edge tidying up to do but essentially she's done...

    she weighs in quite nicely too (complete frame no internal electronics yet)...

    <toddles off to start hittin "confirm" in various online shopping carts>

    yep....the missus is gonna be chuffed with me this time :evil

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  • the first international build of project sparkie just took to the air over in Orange County California...

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  • revamped my Turnigy Evolution, added multi-purpose mounting bracket, phone holder and enclosure for a Eachine ROTG02 which will make FPV recording a breeze (can use it for flying too as the latency is actually quite low but I prefere my monocle or full gogg's for that)

    The ROTG01 (which I also have) was half decent signal wise but did have a tendency to have random break up which sorta spoiled recordings, the ROTG02 though is a vast improvement, the dual antenna's for starters adds a degree of diversity which definetly holds a stronger signal and almost entirely eliminates break up at all but extreme distance, had it out about 1 1/2 football fields length and suffered no break up so far, cant see me ever needing more than that tbh but I might take my Sparkie down the woods and see how the signal copes with some foliage :laugh: