• #1 by this_is_the_rad on 12 Aug 2017
  • Hi guys,

    New to this forum, been browsing rc groups but i wanted something uk based to join.

    Anyway i'm Mark from Redditch in Worcestershire, been flying F3K dlg only for the last couple of years but the quad bug has bitten again.

    I see a couple of posts off Birmingham based guys and various races and meetups with a few miles radius of me should i ever wanna go down the racing route.

    Look forward to chattin' with some of you.
  • #2 by ched999uk on 12 Aug 2017
  • :welcome:
    Do you have any picys of your craft or videos? Always good to see peoples builds as everyone has something different.
  • #3 by this_is_the_rad on 12 Aug 2017
  • I haven't, my dlg is a Vladimir Snipe and currently packed away after i pulled the servos to upgrade them and as far as quads goes, i'm still pretty much a beginner so i don't run a Gopro, no dives here! haha.

    My quads are a Torrent 110 which actually died last night for no reason so gotta box it up and send it into HH EU for repair. The other a cheap Furibee Fuuton 200 with damaged motors (snapped a couple of shafts cause Chinese alloy is made of cheese haha) gonna put cobra motors and esc's on it i think.

    All my models always seem to be in pieces or not working haha
  • #4 by this_is_the_rad on 12 Aug 2017

  • photoupload

    Found a couple of pics of the Snipe and also a Loola from Fred modelisme that i have but might sell to buy quad stuff haha.

    Blade Torrent and the Furibee 200 are just stock out the box so nothing different from all the others. I really want a Tom Smith Armattan now!
  • #5 by DarrellW on 12 Aug 2017
  • I'm not far away from you, I'm in Halesowen - where abouts do you fly fixed wing?
    I fly fixed wing and Multirotors but not the little racers, I fly a 450 with gimbal and gopro clone and have a few toy grade quads. Fixed wing I fly powered and gliders and have a small HK dlg that's nearing finished so will need to learn to fly it!!!
    Oh and welcome to the good ship MultirotorUK!!!
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  • Welcome to MRUK matey  :beer2:
  • #7 by this_is_the_rad on 12 Aug 2017
  • I just fly local fields near to my house with both fixed with and quads.

    And thanks for the welcome guys =)
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  •  :welcome: