• #1 by orfordness on 12 Aug 2017
  • OK got you hooked with the tag line, but are we all inadvertently spying for China?

    With the recent news that all US Military personnel should stop flying DJI UAS, and the recent easy to exploit Parot Drones, has China just brilliantly created an army of remote willing (if unaware) drone spies?...and they pay for the privilage!

    Discuss: :smiley:
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  • nonesens and conspiracy theory, what anoys me more is the pilot:
    What laws did I break:
    Flying within 50m of a structure/ vehicle
    Landing writhin 30m of the same

    I am gonna give him e benefit of the doubt that the flying conditions were fine and then instantaneously turned so bad he had no opportunity to return or even start to return, cos that happens irl!

    He couldn't land on the 10m away and much safer due to no doors or hatches which people may come out of, dock?
    How did he get the drone back, he claims he had to land there because of conditions, I don't imagine he just bumbled on to the heat and took it, he took off, in those prevailing conditions? Nah he did the whole thing deliberatley, it is irresponsible and illegal, he should have his commercial licence revoked and be prosecuted.
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  • Sad to say it's the "fluck you" attitude never mind the other uav  users,  another box of ammo for the tabloids/ anti's  :banghead:
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  • considering the security and legal implications brought to the front regarding this obvious infringement of multiple laws and the seemingly irrational disregard of the operator of the unmanned aerial vehicle in question it would seem that there are very limited actions that can be taken in regard to legal proceedings that can be placed against the said operator which inturn leave a fundamental decision required in terms of punishment for the stated offences.....

    ..... In other words I reckon we find the c*nt and break his feckin arms and legs :hmm:
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  • Quote
    The drone user said:

    “I was amazed...

    am amazed this dumb #### made it through life this far tbh,who in there right mind would think its a good ideal to land there?!  :banghead:
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  • This is click-bait! Chinese Zombie Spies indeed!  ;)

    This story bears "all the hallmarks" of another false flag operation for propaganda purposes. 

    Liberal Democrat MSP Jamie Stone said, "there is a serious question about security for the Royal Navy for it would have been quite easy for someone of evil intent to do something quite serious. Even a drone crashing into its radar could cause damage"   :frantic:

    What a tit.  A parrot bebop wouldn't even scratch the paint, even if a drone was plane sized and going at 200Mph it wouldn't make much of a dent in an aircraft carrier. 

    What's the problem with flying around that ship anyway?

    Its not like its in any way operational or has any aircraft to spy on.  In fact that ship is a total multi billion credit white elephant. 

    The UK has no ability to use it in anger without the support of a multi-European task force or the USA to provide any kind of protection for it from real threats.  Cuts to the military have been enormous, the Harriers, the axing of the Nimrods and many many surface vessels, leaving almost no sub-hunter killer capability. There is now almost no anti-air or anti ship capabilities within the UK military to speak of with the removal of missile systems either.

    The engines can't work in warm water and the IT infrastructure runs on Windows XP!

    They should have spent the money on public housing really.

    How many fire-proof Grenfel towers could they have built with the cash instead?

    ***************Sweary rant omitted*****************
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  • Quote
    This is click-bait! Chinese Zombie Spies indeed!

    Completely!, but if it's even slightly true that the Chinese Govt have requested access to all the flight data, images and video that gets transmitted back to DJI's (Yes I know it was a Parot) servers then this would indeed be an intelligence coup!
    Like other posters have said, there's no way this was not deliberate....maybe do as the US military have just done and allow military installations to shoot them down?
    There's no way I'd fly my drone on or even near any military installation. Its just common sense not to?.....
    I'm with@shawdreamer !!
    I was on Summer Camp with the cadets last week, My Mavic wouldn't even let me take off, even though I had an invitation to fly with the RAF Stations Model Aircraft Club ! Huge NFZ over it!

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  • Quote from: shawdreamer link=topic=21911.msg198351#msg198351 date=1502533947

    .... In other words I reckon we find the c*nt and break his feckin arms and legs :hmm:

    Get in the queue,  :angry: