• #1 by agrs1974 on 11 Aug 2017
  • Cut a long story short I ordered a micro quad from a well know company in Canada.

    Total cost was $191. $15 of that was shipping.

    I get the card through the door this morning saying I need to pay about $40 (£30) import tax and handling fee!

    F*kn raging doesn't come close!

    How can they get away with this?

    £45 it's going to cost me in total to get it to the UK.

    I took the card back to the post office and told them to ship it back to the seller and was told I don't have to pay this £30 free

    Have a made the right decision?

    I have informed the seller that it's coming back.

    What's your thoughts???
  • #2 by VaNDAL_UK on 11 Aug 2017
  • Import tax is your responsibility. I had to stop consolizing Neo Geo arcade boards because yanks couldn't get their head round it!

    It's the way of the world like hitting some one in a car from behind it's your fault no if or butts.

    Sorry to break it to you. Grab a beer!
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  • Should I just bite the bullet??
  • #4 by nate80 on 11 Aug 2017
  • Standard import woes.  Customs will charge duty and VAT on anything they can from any country outside the EU.  The costs are the importers responsibility I'm afraid.  Check out the government website for more info:

    If the item's cheaper including the import fees why not keep it and pay the fee?  Otherwise it's a lesson learned I guess.   :-/
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  • guess I just need a rant. Lol.

    Lesson learned. Stick to BG. Problem is you can hardly buy anything in the uk

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  • That's sh#t  :( not supprised you peed off !
    Been stung with a similar import bill myself, only once though. I might be wrong, is it anything over £100 on a non EU purchase you get hit with a customs bill.
    Think you would most likely still have to pay it, as it's already gone through UK customs regardless of weather you kept the item or not, but not sure.
    Think it's a hard one to dodge and avoid paying , unless you move house tomorrow, change your name, and have a sex change quick smart  :laugh:
  • #7 by ched999uk on 11 Aug 2017
  • I think goods from USA and Canada are much more susceptible to getting hit with import duty, vat and collection charge than stuff from China.
    Unfortunately as you are 'importing' it it is your responsibility.
    For future ref:
    Looks like over £15 Vat charged on goods and P&P. Goods over £135 add Import Duty (depends on product type). Plus Royal Mail collection fee.

    Think we will have to get used to it as Brexit will cause all sorts of agro with importing stuff as currently all comes under EU control!!!!
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  • Thanks guys. I just went and got it. Just need to take the hit. Lesson definitely learned!!!

    Get shafted for everything in the UK. I am going to end it there as I need to chill lol
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  • Dont worry, when we are out of the EU... customs will apply to everything anyway.
  • #10 by slurm on 14 Aug 2017
  • I think legally you don't "have" to pay the handling charge, as its not legally possible to add a fee without informing the payee first, but if im honest last time paid it as I couldn't be bothered.

    A while back I bought a folding knife from the US as it was way cheaper than hennie haines and available in orange handle in the US, the customs guys held it saying it was assisted opening, I never got it....that's when customs really bite.

    I always know and factor in the charges and if im not still well up I buy from the UK/EU.

  • #11 by ched999uk on 14 Aug 2017
  • I just wanted to add one point to this.
    Some of us buy stuff from outside of the EU. If it's low value then we dont pay any extra vat, import duty and handling fees.
    Remember that the companies that are UK based that sell components have to pay these fees as they can't just order 1 of a single item at at time. Managing so many single item orders would be a nightmare, so they have to order lots of items at a time.

    So I would say that when you look at UK prices retailers are selling stuff for probably 25% of the price goes straight to government not to seller!!!!!
    I do feel sorry for the retailers who are trying to make a living when people just compare prices to BangGood and assume the additional cost in UK sellers price are their 'profit'. Plus they have the cost of complying with the UK's Trading Standards laws that non EU sellers dont!

    Anyway try and buy British if you can. Just wait till Brexit when the Gov will finally be allowed to start the 'Buy British' campaign again  :smiley:
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  • Anyway try and buy British if you can.

    So in this hobby what British stuff is there. Stuff that is made here, not just designed here and made in china?
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  • So in this hobby what British stuff is there. Stuff that is made here, not just designed here and made in china?
    You are right. Maybe I should have said buy from British sellers if you can :smiley:

    It would be good to get Britain building stuff again not just a being a 'service industry'.
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  • Almost every company in the world uses parts manufactured in China. They do mass manufacturing so well it's hard to ignore and the quality is as good as you want it to be - guess where iPads are made?

    I suspect if any country wanted to compete with china at manufacturing it would be difficult.

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  • It would be good to get Britain building stuff again not just a being a 'service industry'.


    Well, trouble is, I do not know how that is now possible as the country is now not used to or likely to be willing to revert to the congested if not downright polluted "industrial revolution" and work ethic required. Look how many NIMBYs and tree huggers turned out for the minor fracking research sites.  We've largely squandered North Sea Oil and given away our industrial heritage.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm no quitter, and have for ten years now been trying to refit and reposition mainstream engineering back into schools with the twice weekly club I run, when before that the best that was being done was putting the hands on a Chinese clock mech in DT and plugging in a AA battery. But there's only one of me and I'm ageing out fast approaching 70 with various age related ailments.

    I repeat something I have said here before......... in TEN YEARS only ONE father has ever got involved with their son's RC car build project. 

    That's ONE father out of a year 7 intake of 240 PER YEAR for TEN YEARS. 1 in 2400 showing ANY interest is not encouraging odds, is it!.

    Absolutely clear that the majority of those voting to leave the EU had and have NO idea about what is coming or what to do about it. 

    Worrying about an import tax on foreign goods?  Pfffft.................A drop in the ocean.......................
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  • I know what you mean. I did EWTP O level (Engineering Workshop Theory and Practice) and went onto an apprenticeship in Electronic Engineering with MoD. Then did 14 years on instrumentation for testing Oils and Lubs and then Gas Turbines (WR21, new carriers etc) and Jet Engines (EJ200 Typhoon). All messy, proper engineering. But the powers that be decided that they didn't want engineering so bocked our bids for work on Joint Strike Fighter engine development. Then closed us as we didn't have enough work!!!!

    Anyway. I don't like the fact that the UK is so reliant on the Banking 'Industry' for tax income. We need to diversify and get to actually making products.

    As for parents not getting involved in the RC stuff I am very surprised. Don't have kids but know a few  ::). I am quite surprised that virtually none of the parents (male or female) have the least bit of interest. I wonder if they just treat it like other after school activities, ie. somewhere to keeps kids occupied and out of my hair for an hour or so?

    I do think kids and for that matter the parents need hobbies to get them away from all the screens.

    As fro Brexit, well it's going to be a rocky ride and will take years to settle down. Looking at the way the EU seem to be heading with more and more control going to Brussels didn't seem like a good way to go.

    Anyway, well done for trying to give kids an idea about engineering. Keep up the good work.
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  • There won't be a Brexit I don't think.  Its a meaningless term anyway, not defined any way.

    Brexit is a psy-op to disrupt and cause chaos, to divide and rule. 

    To polarise and de-rail any debate about any political topic.  Everything is now examined under the hyperbole of "brexit". 

    It is also to divert attention away from our woefully inadequate government and use the age old tactic of directing the blame on "the other", foreigners, immigrants, old people..whatever..never the dick-ends that are supposed to represent us in our our dysfunctional sham of a democracy.

    However it is mostly to give The Cabal a bit more wiggle room to develop their global fascist technocratic dictatorship a little bit more.  They need time to fully transfer all the functions of government over to corporations.  This will take a bit more time and "Brexit" fits the bill as the perfect distraction.

    The European project has done its job now, amalgamated all those nation states into a single body, now its time to extend its reach and stranglehold further East.   :blink

    We won't get any more freedom or autonomy in the UK.  Just more authoritarian control-freakery and an increasingly punitive regime.

    I got charged Duty on two T-Shirts from the USA once.  Its random as to whether you package gets analysed, a lucky dip.
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  • Quote from: Bad Raven link=topic=21903.msg198441#msg198441

    I repeat something I have said here before......... in TEN YEARS only ONE father has ever got involved with their son's RC car build project. 

    That's ONE father out of a year 7 intake of 240 PER YEAR for TEN YEARS. 1 in 2400 showing ANY interest is not encouraging odds,

    I ran an Rc car club at my local primary. Did it for 2 years while my youngest was still in nappies.

    Sadly once he reached school age I had to stop due to needing a full time job(mrs didn't want to support me anymore) I had my kids building cars, fixing cars and driving cars. All with a strong emphasis on safety and how the things actually worked.

    They loved it! Wish I could have continued doing but well you know.   Life!