• #1 by Harty on 11 Aug 2017
  • Hello all....

    I haven't built a PC for about 12 years so I'm a little out of touch with the technology at the moment but with a bit of research I have put together a list of the core parts for what I hope to be a reasonable gaming PC for 1080p gaming
    If anyone has any comments or improvements for similar prices I cc would be greatful!
  • #2 by DarrellW on 11 Aug 2017
  • I think going for the i3 processor is a mistake, although it has a high clock speed it has less cache than an i5 or i7 also I would go for 16Gb of ram, the other parts look OK but are you sure you will have enough disk space?
    Have a look here:
  • #3 by Bajadre on 11 Aug 2017
  • If you wanna play the recent AA titles in 1080p mate I would look at a min quad core in this day and age, even my 6 core struggles on some games.

    g card should be fine plenty of vram and lastest line etc

  • #4 by Harty on 12 Aug 2017
  • Ta for looking!

    From my recent reading I was under the understanding that even most of the latest games were not too processor heavy and the GPU is far more important. A couple of the suggested budget builds from the gaming pc blogs suggest the latest Pentium processor and then putting more money into the GPU but I can't bring myself to spec lower than an i3.

    Valid point in the storage, I forgot to mention the SSD is mainly for the operating system and 1 or 2 games. have an existing drive for other storage

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