• #1 by Bajadre on 10 Aug 2017
  • Been looking at v shaped antenna holders today to put on the quad seen a few designs etc wondered what everyone was using and how you've been mounting them etc am guessing with the amount of people with 3d printers on here someone could knock me one up  ~~ (paid of course  :laugh:)

  • #2 by hoverfly on 10 Aug 2017
  • Mould your own,polymorph and a couple of Mac bo££icks straws.
    Shop around and you will get it cheaper. :smiley:
  • #3 by Bajadre on 10 Aug 2017
  • That's a good ideal matey didn't even think about that  :embarrassed would prob work better as theres no holes on the top deck so I was toying with the ideal of sticking it down so it gives a bit in a crash and doesn't snap anything etc

    am all set on the tubes I got antenna tubing in lumo green  :laugh:

    theres a quantum one on fastlads for a fiver which has holes to mount but might be able to Velcro it down but its in yellow  :( trying to color scheme the new one haha  after a bright green really :cool:
  • #4 by Reman on 10 Aug 2017
  • Most people just zip a couple of cable ties around any convenient holes near the rear of the top plate, Trim them down a bit, Then heatshrink the aerial wires to them (Read somewhere that you shouldn't use black heatshrink over the exposed portion of the aerials ends though. Apparently it's coloured with something like carbon and can block the TX's signal enough to reduce the usable range). 

    The whole setup's pretty light, If the ties are tight they works well at keeping aerials out of the props and they also give them a fair bit of protection in a prang.

    I bought a couple of aerial supports from HobbyKing (, But after the first one broke (In a not perticually nasty crash) I didn't bother fitting the other and just used the cable tie trick instaid.
  • #5 by Bajadre on 10 Aug 2017
  • Well lads I had a tinker in the spare parts box to see if anything was useful for this and found an old FS fan cover I had 3d printed a while ago,i stopped using it as I lost the spacer so the fan blades clicked which was annoying while flying haha  :laugh:

    dab of glue and a ziptie tada

    see how it holds up  ~~