• #31 by zeronest on 25 Jul 2017
  • So I really can't comment on the durability for a given width of carbon on a quad this light, I know all about 5 inch quads that are up around double the weight if this, but they carry double the momentum and thereby the force into an impact, at a basic level my mechanics says actually the use of 2.5mm carbon whole be as strong as 4mm on a traditional 5 inch quad :)

    But comparing your carbon weight, it is considerably less than the air-ro which uses 3mm and very similar to the CMW which uses 2.5mm which, given all three are fairly similar in size, suggests the baseplate is 2.5mm

    But as above seems unimportant

    ATM struggling with the 5 inch build, weight seems to be the killer, the 4inch can potermtially use 650mah lipos and get reasonable flight times, which gives a lot more space to play tag with :)

    Ah I see, looking at it that way you could be quite right, well a good way to estimate at least..

    I thought about 650 packs my self but didn't know if they could supply enough amps and would sag, The infinity 850 70c can supply around 60a which is probably about right in flight..

    another pretty cool thing with these style of builds is the ability to run something like a 850-1000mah 2s battery and they fly pretty efficiently and long flight times, I have a small garden, but still fly-able and often shred around on 2s  and as it weighs next to nothing with such little battery weight, crashes really do no damage

    Nice frame that thanks  ~~

    No thank you!  :smiley:
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  • Just a thought, have you considered stripping the battery down. I know some packs have extra layers of reinforcement in them which could be removed.

    Could save a bit with shorted leads, xt30 and reworked layers.
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  • It's a good thought mate, I am already intending to shorten leads and use xt30

    There is quite a variation in weight for the 850mah but on a personal level I am not keen on messing around with the cells

    Will see where I get to :)
  • #34 by Cheredanine on 29 Jul 2017
  • Some bits from rotorgeeks arrived,
    Still got to add:
    Tbs unify and xm+ (8g)
    Fc (14g) and xt30 pigtail ?

    As you can see hat will push me over 250g by 6 grams

    1 have replacement titanium bolts for top
    2 motor wires need trimming to fit
    3 lipo will switch xt60 for xt30
    4. Those props may be slightly heavy
    5. Low profile lock nuts on the way
    6 intend to trim the cam mount
    7. Obviously the lense caps weighs a lot, should have taken it off before I took the pic
    8. Depending on flight time could use 650mah lipo
    9. Could even use 3s!

    Will see where I get to when fc arrives next week

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  • Switched the props, this looks a whole lot better (also added titanium bolts and removed lense cap)

  • #36 by Cheredanine on 02 Aug 2017
  • And done:

    That is with 650mah 4s

    With 850mah 4s it is 254g

    Will test flight times before I trim any more weight

    I just test hovered with a 3s 650mah, it was very sensitive and agile, 850mah 3s may be the way to go

    Edit, ordered optipower 850mah 4s, 4g lighter than the tattu and has a long pigtail with xt60, by the time I shorten and add xt30 should be fine

    Turnigy nanotechs would also do it
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  • Good stuff!  ~~ ~~

    When you are happy with it and its reached a stable normal fly state, I'd appreciate a few zoom able photos against a light background, studio style.
  • #38 by Cheredanine on 03 Aug 2017
  • No worries mate, once I have finalised and got data on motor/lipo combos will put up some detailed photos
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  • Have to say I'm very impressed. After you have a feel for it in flight, along with some photos, would you mind giving your definitive build list of parts? With your preferred choice of components. Definitely looking to build one after seeing this.
  • #40 by Cheredanine on 04 Aug 2017
  • There are parts I have used on this I would not use on a finished article, mainly the asguard, I am using it because it is a light aio with current sensing, but the kisscc is lighter, just doesn't have osd or sd card.  If the frame was single baseplate that would save 6 grams. Adding 20mm mount holes  would allow micro fc to be used and 20mm 4 in 1 escs, all of which are weight saving.
    If I didn't have the osd on the fc I would use an arrow micro as they have voltage displayed on the fpv
    A redesigned top plate would be lighter and allow better mounting options, I considered a top mount fpv cam rather than fromt, but felt it would be too exposed.  There is an axii antenna with a ufl adaptor out, that may be a better option than the dipole

    Some stuff I wouldn't change, the motors for example, only the rotorgeeks and dys se1407ii are that light most are at least a gram and a half heavier, doesn't sound like much but when you have 4 motors it starts to add up, suddenly you are 10g over.

    Once I get some testing on the different motor/prop/lipos will post with details on what is a must and why I think it is a must and what is flexible
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  • great build and auw looks super ~~ ~~
  • #42 by Cheredanine on 10 Aug 2017
  • So having burned the asguard (human error) replacement finally arrived (also burned one of the 3200kv motors, replacement next day or so).
    Rebuilt with the 2800kv.
    Test hover nice.
    Should get it flying again this evening with a bit of luck
    Thus is with optipower 850mah 4s:

  • #43 by Cheredanine on 10 Aug 2017
  • Flight times:

    Rotorgeeks 1407 2800kv
    859mah 4s
    6 mins

    As above, except racekraft 5038
    5 mins

    As previous except 650mah
    4 mins

    Pretty dull but example flight style giving those times (with 850mah 4s, gf5030) stock pids and filters :

    The 5038 feel like they pull too much for 650 mah. Serious voltage sag, no speed improvement I noticed
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  • those low end voltage spikes must feel pretty noticable if their showing up that clearly on your OSD?

    what C rating is the battery for it to be that sharp?

    saying that tho, she looks quite stable considering its stock PID's
  • #45 by Cheredanine on 11 Aug 2017
  • Flying fine on stock, not convinced any of the oscillations are not the camera mount which isn't hugely tight on the standoffs since I had to mod it. At some point I will put an sd card in and check the bb logs, but if handles fine ATM and motors cold as stone when it comes down, with so many things being changed it would be a waste of time fine tuning it

    Lipo there is an optipower 850mah 4s 50-100c with leads shortened and xt60 replaced with an xt30

    I do think 3200kv is gonna be the sweet spot, waiting for replacement motor :( I can cope with less flight time for more speed
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  • And 3200kv video
    This is with hq5030 glass nylon
    I tried some 5045 but they are firstly too heavy (251g with my lightest 850mah) and any sort of punch kills the lipo (I can get voltage alarm on a punch takeoff with a full lipo)

    I have some hq 5040 carbon/nylon on the way to try out, but suspect they will be lipo killers also

    Caveats on the vid-
    Pretty boring, people were wandering about speed so this is less acro, more push, on a light quad there is more of a tendency to gain height on hitting the throttle, need some practice I think to master
    Also still not tuned, motor 4 has some vertical play but gives so,e indication of speeds and flight times;

  • #47 by Cheredanine on 15 Aug 2017
  • Interesting, I ordered the wrong props, got 5045 carbon/nylon

    Thought I would spin them anyway and lipos pretty much coped, right up to the point I got hit by a ghost branch and destroyed a motor

    There appears to be a standard rule here on 1407 with 5 inch - light rigid props (carbon- nylon or glass-nylon) work far better than nylon

    Refitted the 2800kv (whilst replacement 3200 is on its way) and heading out to try
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  • And resultant speed tesr (flight time flying like this about 3mins 30)
  • #49 by Cheredanine on 17 Aug 2017
  • Fastest prop then: hq5040 carbon-nylon on 2800kv:

    Best to use glass-nylon or carbon nylon props, pure nylon flew worse and were less efficient

    2800kv or 3200kv with 5030 works very well with big (over 5 mins) flight time

    Best was 5040 on 2800kv

    5045 were not far off on either 2800kv or 3200kv but slightly less top end and a plateau towards the top of the throttle
    Be careful on 3200kv, a bit heavy on the lipo