• #1 by Two-Six on 03 Dec 2017
  • Anybody know anything about car key fobs that stop working and how to fix them?
    My manual says don't use it near strong radio signals.... :shrug:
    I changed the battery.
    Stupid thing.

    I know that sometimes if you get a useless key, you get in the car press the on button thrice, flip the turn switch up and down 4 times, press the volume up key on the steering wheel followed by flicking the rear window de-mister switch to on for 3 seconds then off for 5 then on again, get out the car and get back in again....
    Or something...
    You can get them to work again....
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  • Cheers Hoverfly.
    "Remove the lower crash panel and locate the Remote control receiver unit."
    Lost me there....
    Actually its strange.  The key's proximity feature works.  It unlocks the tailgate and drivers door if it is near the doors and it will allow the car to start and run normally.  It's just the remote feature that doesn't work.  So I don't think it needs registering or re-programming. 
  • #4 by Bad Raven on 04 Dec 2017
  •  Lifted from another forum................"The function to open the door or start the car when the key fob is in your pocket uses a low frequency proximity signal which is separate from the higher frequency RF signal that is used by the buttons on the key fob. It is possible to have the button signal circuitry fail within the key fob and still be able to use the proximity functions of the same fob. Since the other fob works with both functions (the OP had two fobs), that rules out the transponders in the car. The problem is with the wireless remote button circuitry in your defective fob. If reprogramming doesn't work, then a repair or replacement of the fob is your only option."