• #1 by Biffa on 30 Nov 2017
  • Does anyone have experience of/or are you named Helidrive on eBay?
  • #2 by Biffa on 05 Dec 2017
  • Obviously not, either way I'm getting a refund...  ;)
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  • Obviously not, either way I'm getting a refund...  ;)

    Gets pretty good feedback.........................   :shrug:
  • #4 by Biffa on 05 Dec 2017
  • Indeed, which is what really surprised me!

    However, his idea of "near mint" condition seems to mean heaps of cosmetic damage, damaged main/tail blades and cracked fiber glass (and by cracked I mean fubar) and this is literally with me giving it a quick eye over. Given it's condition I can only assume that it will also come with bent shafts and most likely wankered servos/gears or whatever thus meaning a bargain turns into a money pit.

    Describing the item as "well used" would have been more appropriate and would have meant I would have expected a well used helicopter.

  • #5 by Bad Raven on 06 Dec 2017
  • Many years ago now i bought an OS engine described as "Mint in Box". Single photo of it in box, lid reversed so invisible.

    When it arrived it had :-

    1. Marked and mangled prop nut (invisible in pic)
    2. Paint on mounting lugs from model it had been in. (invisible in pic)
    3 Two mounting holes drilled out, one at near 45 degrees (invisible in pic)
    4. No silencer as was included when new (and out of sight due packing)
    5. VERY worn exhaust port face from silencer moving around, so LOTS of use (out of sight in pic)
    6. Box lid showed considerable wear and lost print
    7. damaged glow plug thread

    The seller refused a refund and stated I should have seen what condition it was in!  EBay/PayPal  agreed with me and refund given.

    What was REALLY interesting was that I was cold called on EMail by another buyer who'd bought a (real) motorbike that was similarly trashed and not as description. When they went to collect he refused to refund. How they got my EMail was unknown, but they were going to take him to court!
  • #6 by Biffa on 06 Dec 2017
  • I have only had two issues with eBay and items not being "as described" this one and a Trex 250.

    It's irked me that he deliberately incorrectly describe the Forza and did not point out the flaws and damage (and there is no way he missed these) and then accuse me of the damage!

    He said that he believes I flew and crashed it :rolleyes: bearing in mind I got an email to say I could collect it at 5.17, so drove to Argos to collect it, picked the other half up from work getting home at 6.00. I then messaged him to say I wanted to return it at about 7.20.

    He failed to notice these bits as well as many more splits and cracks to the fiber glass and marks/damage to many other parts, but it was "near mint"

    The circular marks on the tail fin look like he has used a set of pliers to tighten the screw, god knows what else is shot on it.

    Interestingly he had a Blade 450x listed with the main blades fitted the wrong way round, perhaps that was an indication of what to expect...