• #1 by dayshaddow on 08 Apr 2018
  • Hello guys this drone noob needs some help. I had my wizard 220s arrive yesterday and I can't get it to bind. The tx is a flysky f -16x and the RX is a oranges ir-8s.any chance someone can tell me a step by step how to
    Also since I am here I only own an android tablet and phone. Ok so betaflight is proving difficult to get hold of.i have downloaded e,-gui ground station app but I think you guys can tell me a better way to setup my drone
  • #2 by ched999uk on 08 Apr 2018
  • As far as I know if you have a Flysky tx you need a FlySky rx. The Orange rx are DSMX or DSM2 protocol! Flysky uses AFHDS 2A or AFHDS. The 2 are not compatible. Well you can get universal modules but the ones that fit FlySky are normally very short range i.e.50m tops.
    There are 2 sets of protocols a rx uses. The one it uses to talk to the tx (FlySky AFHDS 2A or AFHDS) and the one the rx uses to talk to the FC (FlySky ppm, iBus, pwm, and sometimes sBus)

    You need a FlySky X6B rx as it does ppm, iBus and pwm protocols to talk to FC and will be compatible with your FlySky i6x tx. Or from Amazon for quick delivery FlySky X6B rx

    As for BetaFlight, you can do somethings on ez-gui but I haven't used it for a few years.
    I bought a cheap Win10 tablet, Chuwi Hi8 (dual boot android and win10). It's good but VERY limited on Win10 space so you can only install minimum of apps. Works great with BetaFlight, BLHeli, and BetaFlight BB Logs.
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  • May I ask where you bought it as I don't think I have seen the Wizard x220S sold with an Orange rx. Can you give a link to the one you bought?
  • #4 by dayshaddow on 09 Apr 2018
  • Ignore the oraange my phone for some reason added that
    It's a iRangeX iRX-i6X / Flysky FS-i6X 2.4GHz 10C
  • #5 by ched999uk on 09 Apr 2018
  • OK which flysky receiver do you have? Is it  the A8S?
    Try this:
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  • Thanks for the video.turns out it was bound but I just wanted to be shore 😀
  • #7 by ched999uk on 09 Apr 2018
  • The A8S rx isn't great at range, so make sure you do a range check when you fly and make 100% sure you failsafe works. Make sure antenna is not hidden inside the carbon frame as carbon blocks rf.

    Easiest test is PROPS OFF arm on bench and give a little throttle then switch your tx off. The result should be motors stop! If they don't you need to look at the settings again.
    The reason why failsafe is so important is twofold:
    1. If you exceed the range of the tx your failsafe will bring the quad down, if no failsafe then it will carry on flying the way it was going and end up miles away from you!!!!
    2. If the rx wiring fails you want the quad to come down not fly away!
  • #8 by dayshaddow on 09 Apr 2018
  • I am yet to get the drone to arm but don't worry I will make sure that the failsafe works
  • #9 by dayshaddow on 10 Apr 2018
  • Righty guys I am going to do a quick video tonight but long story short is the drone still  won't start.betaflight and other apps I have tried show the giro working but not the radio.its bound with a solid red light and setup using the above the apps if I click the radio tabs then move the sticks nothing moves.its almost like the receiver isn't talking to the flight make matters worse the micro usb port wasn't properly attached to the bord so it fell off 🤔.i have to send a video to the seller tonigh
  • #10 by ched999uk on 10 Apr 2018
  • Sounds like you need to configure BF to talk to your fc. Which output from rx are you using? Pwm, ibus , subs? You might need to specify on tx and in fc you need to tell it where rx is connected and what protocol it is using.

    Saying that if microusb is off you can't do much unless there is a hack to talk to fc via a uart with an adapter but no idea as we don't know your fc make and model.
    Good luck with seller. I assume you can't resolder the usb back? If the seller sends you a new fc you may have a bit of soldering to do anyway as unless it's a UK seller I doubt it will be cost effective to return it.
  • #11 by mo_miah on 10 Apr 2018
  • I'd ask for complete replacement quad or refund, most likely they will let you keep the damaged quad and you can use it for spares
    and then spec your own using parts from UK sellers if you can solder then building quads is pretty easy and people here can help with all the CF/BF side of things
  • #12 by atomiclama on 10 Apr 2018
  • .to make matters worse the micro usb port wasn't properly attached to the bord so it fell off 🤔

    That's common for the cheap clone boards. Shoddy manufacture and no QC.
  • #13 by atomiclama on 10 Apr 2018
  • The A8S rx isn't great at range,

    That's an understatement  ::) I'd say absolute sh$te range. I ripped mine out wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.
  • #14 by dayshaddow on 10 Apr 2018
  • The shoddy Rx is going to be one of the first things to go.i did a very quick eBay search for flysky receivers and found a had 400m +.the range sounds good to me and I can connect a normal servo to recommendations ladies and gentlemen
  • #15 by ched999uk on 10 Apr 2018
  • Bearing in mind that you want the quad as light as possible. I would go for a  FlySky X6B rx. It does pwm, ppm and iBus. So using iBus means less wires (less weight) plus the x6b does battery voltage and rssi (sort of receiver signal strength) back to your tx. This rx has dual antennas and a reported range of greater than 1km, there is a youtube vid that shows a massive range, I cant remember but big!

    Not sure on the irange version but the original i6 tx can be flashed to 14channels and have custom alarms.
  • #16 by dayshaddow on 10 Apr 2018
  • That sound perfect thanks for the help.great shall become my normal rx.still will get the one were I can use standard servos..that going to be a little while before the serious goofing around starts 😎
  • #17 by ched999uk on 10 Apr 2018
  • That sound perfect thanks for the help.great shall become my normal rx.still will get the one were I can use standard servos..that going to be a little while before the serious goofing around starts 😎
    Just so you know BangGood is a cheap Chinese supplier but they do take at least a couple of weeks to arrive. If it is a big order you could get stung for vat, import duty and a collection fee!!
    You can use the x6b with servos. It does 6 ch pwm (servo compatible, I think)It does  6(PWM), 8(PPM), 18(i-BUS) channels.
    You normally need 5 ideally 6 channels for a quad, throttle, yaw, pitch, roll and flight,  mode ideally 6th for arming but you can stick arm but it's not advised. Switch arming is much better as when you crash you don't want to be trying to remember the disarm sequence when your props are stuck and you are burning out motors!

    Some flight controllers can be 'tweeked' to get a couple of servo channels out as well as flight normal control.
    If you want an x6b quicker Amazon have them here but they are significantly more expensive but if you have prime you can have it tomorrow!!!
  • #18 by dayshaddow on 11 Apr 2018
  • I had a helicopter crash in idle up mode a few years back thankfully I was quick to hit the kill switch so the damage wasn't to bad
  • #19 by Reman on 12 Apr 2018
  • What area do you live in?

    I've seen getting a quad in the air via forum posts turning into a seriously drawn out job before. You might find someone lives close enough to loop by on their way home from work for a coffee and to check nothings looks obviously out of place. Once you've built a few of these it starts getting reasonably easy to see what's unhappy.

    As a lot of people start out with flysky kit before switching (Downgrading !  ::) ) to that FRSky stuff it's possible they may also have a RX kicking about that they wouldn't mind donating too the cause.
  • #20 by dayshaddow on 13 Apr 2018
  • I am in folkestone Kent.would be fun to meet and and go flying with.for years of helicopter flying I was on the lookout for a flying Buddy and if they were just starting out I could buy a trainer cable and buddy box for them
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  • I'm way over near Bristol, So no luck with me. :(
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  • Dam that's a shame 😥
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  • I am well impressed how noob proof the wizard is.. just watching a few guys on YouTube trying acro and realising what it is to actually fly... In cp helis we call acro Tuesday afternoon.impressive at how little damage they get after being dumped into the ground.i won't be missing the small crash into a bush and having to strip down the Heli replacing the main gear,main shaft,feathering shaft both blades and tail boom
  • #24 by Reman on 14 Apr 2018
  • Yep, I noticed that when I started with quads to.

    When learning on an RC heli, If you screw up a landing and touch down while moving even quite slowly, You can easily clip a main blade into the dirt........ Then it's all over. I remember one particular failed landing where I caught an unexpected gust of wind hitting the top of the blade disc while I was doing a low sweeping turn (With idle up on) at about a meter high. The heli hit the ground before I could react and the main rotor bit dirt. That one bent the main shaft so much that one of the blades almost tore off the tail boom. To repair that bad landing (I didn't even really think of it as a crash because it was just one of the things that occasionally caught you out while flying RC helicopters) required a pair of carbon main blades, A feathering shaft, A Main shaft, A boom, Both boom supports, One lower carbon side frame plate, Both undercarriage cross struts, And 3 sets of replacment servo gears. I can't remember what it cost to put right, But it was well over 100 notes for the parts, And took 3 or 4 evenings to rebuild and set it all up again !

    My worst crash with a quad while learning was probabbly back when I hit a tree trunk square on and pretty much at full pelt with a plastic framed 250 (It made a really expensive "CLACK" sound like a cricket ball being expertly thwacked. :) ). It was my own fault, I dived towards the ground and pulled out facing straight at the evening sun. A combination of the cheap FPV camera blacking out everything that wasn't sky, and me panicking/freezing ment that it was pretty much a certainty that I was going to crash, The only question was "into what"? That incident broke 3 blades and a camera lens...... So about 7 quids worth of damage, And it didn't even break the frame!!!! As I had plenty more blades and a spare camera I could rob the lens from I was flying it again the next day !

    I suppose that could be part of the problem with quads? To be into RC helis you had to accept that without any hand holding from fancy electronic stabilization you actually have to learn to fly the hard way (All at once), And occasionally you might get something SLIGHTLY wrong and end up spending a lot of time and money to get back into the air........ Though it did kept out the riff raff don't ya know. LOL !!!

    Your average spotty Herbert can "Teach" themselves to hover a quad in angle mode within the first battery pack, And if he gets it wrong the mistake can usually be fixed for the price of a couple of cups of Starbucks coffee. There's no incentive to learn more than the basics because the electronics keep them from doing something aerodynamically really silly, But it won't stop him from trying to see how high it'll go above a big city center, or what to do if things get out of hand........ Then the heavy hand of the government has to try to squash Herbert without also splatting law abiding citizens (Not an easy task)....... Oh well.
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  • I have to 100% agree with you but when I learned to fly we didn't have that kind of onbord stabilization sys .it was 90% mechanical and 10 worse crash was an Esky belt cp. The stock giro failed in flight.i couldn't save it as it went dangerously out of control.i have video on my YouTube and have seasoned Heli pilots like myself saying a belt cp cannot do that.well yes they can.i am returning to flying as a retired pilot with a dumb arse easy to fly drones.i watched YouTube noobs not wanting to use a 4 cell lipo as it was too much you never learned throttle management noob.i can't blame the 99% of drone pilots have a massive lack of skill.almost all fpv drone pilots can't land.they get close and dump the it's forward and down then pump the throttle and touch down smoothly.i had a rookie on here tell me to go learn to hover in a field..I mastered hovering in all directions back in September 2008 in what they call Arco mode.seasioned pilots like me call Arco just another Monday casual zoom about cos I was bord.i am pro getting the drone noobs grounded  they single handedly fucked the game up.only the elite and intelligent could fly helicopters and we have noobs flying close to passenger planes

    I am going fpv freestyle. And nope definitely not flying in areas where my stuff can kill innosint people.i was approached three years ago to fly miletery drones.i told them to beep off I am not using my hobby to kill people.grab four drone noobs they will happily send a drone into each of the four engines of a passenger plane