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  • hoverfly: Still have a couple of orange tipple batts still working,   mainly part time... ::)
    July 16, 2018, 16:42:16
  • Bad Raven: The difference being most will not deliver the power but wil not be trashed in trying!
    July 16, 2018, 16:12:57
  • Kellarly: hehe, nothing changes there then!
    July 16, 2018, 09:26:19
  • Bad Raven: Is the issue Turnigy or Turnigy Nano-Tech? I have found that mid-blue Turnigy tend to be low on their stated "C" discharge rating.
    July 16, 2018, 08:37:09
  • ched999uk: RaceDayQuads have some cheap but good batts out now. Josh B tested and stats say very good especially at price. HobbyRC have 1300mAh 4S just under £20. Not had luck with Turnigy lipos either!!
    July 15, 2018, 22:48:51
  • Reman: Just realised that I hadn't gone through my stored Li-Po's for about a month. I try to visually check them every Saturday, And prod the plugs with a multimeter about once a month. Todays seen 12 more bulging packs go out to the incinerator..... All but one was a bloody Turnigy! Part of me wan't to burn the rest now and just get a load more Tattu packs, But I've spent good money on these packs and wan't to at least get a little more use out of them. :(
    July 15, 2018, 19:54:53
  • Bad Raven: Pre MR's I used to buy a lot from J.Perkins. Their website showed all items and stock or due date, go to dealer and buy with confidence. Then they went all "lifestyle" and all the site had were pictures or people. I wasn't after people. I never bought again. Yes, you'd think they'd learn...........
    July 15, 2018, 17:51:40
  • ched999uk: Reman sounds like amazon search. I find it ok unitil you want to search by price then amazon falls apart.... You would think both companies would get it right...
    July 15, 2018, 16:54:55
  • Reman: It's strange. The original setup they had about 5 or 6 years back wasn't too bad (Except for them occasionally getting accounts hacked), But they changed it to the last one that was clunky and slow, Now they've replaced that with a flashier one that's also clunky and slow ?!?!?! Most companies learn from what they do wrong. I don't buy from HK half as much as I used to, Mainly because it takes forever to trawl through 100 pages of totally unrelated stuff while looking for something you were thinking about getting when you saw it there the previous week !!!
    July 15, 2018, 16:27:21
  • hoverfly: I don't think there is a search button on H/King. They updated the site and forgot to  relabel the search button with  Random bo##ocks..
    July 15, 2018, 09:47:35
  • Bad Raven: Agree - The Search is abysmal!!
    July 15, 2018, 08:40:52
  • Reman: I see HobbyKing's revamped their site again...... Shame they haven't made the search function work any better, Or worked out why the whole site goes slower than a pensioner in a Nissan Micra. :)
    July 15, 2018, 08:28:14
  • Reman: How thick is Google? You buy something online, Then for the next week you get targeted adds for the item you've just got?!?! That's the one item you're NOT going to be buying again at that point so it's wasted effort of there part. :)
    July 14, 2018, 08:50:51
  • DarkButterfly: ~~
    July 13, 2018, 23:56:20
  • Kellarly: as does my ability not to realise what i've already typed
    July 13, 2018, 22:25:42
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  • Kellarly: yay, the whoop lives!!!
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Author Topic: Newbie from middlesex  (Read 363 times)

Offline kna1976

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Newbie from middlesex
« on: March 17, 2018, 08:24:38 »

I'm looking to buy a race drone but don't have a clue where to start.

I've got a hubsan h501s but got bored with it quickly
So now I'm thinking of buying a race drone goggles and a transmitter, but need help choosing the right stuff for my needs,
Are there any places i could go and meet some poeple for a chat?



Offline ebbo76

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Re: Newbie from middlesex
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2018, 08:50:16 »
I'm in Middlesex too,  but there isn't much here in way of clubs or meetings.   Shops don't tend to stock much in the way of goggles,  so trying before you buy is tricky.

Cheradanine did a nice build guild for a lightweight 4in race quad,  quite a few members have followed that.

Offline kna1976

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Re: Newbie from middlesex
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2018, 19:08:13 »
Thanks for your reply.

I was thinking of getting the aomway or the fatshark v4 goggles first and using them with the hubsan for now then getting the frsky taranis x9d and maybe the emax hawk 5?

Any suggestions welcome.

Offline ebbo76

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Re: Newbie from middlesex
« Reply #3 on: March 18, 2018, 14:43:04 »
The Aomway are fairly well regarded,  but there is a new version due out very soon.   As is the Eachine EV200d.   Might be worth waiting a few weeks see if they are any good.   Plus you might get a deal on the old version.

The X9d is quite good.   A lot of people run the QX7 as it had the same features and the basic model is under 100 quid.

Not sure on the frames.   Better to post in another forum for frame advice.   The 250 section might be better,  lots of build advice in there.

Offline AnalogKid

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Re: Newbie from middlesex
« Reply #4 on: April 15, 2018, 23:06:36 »
If it helps; I moved from a Hubsan 107L (at Xmas) to becoming addicted to learning how to fly a few weeks later.

Here's my current setup

FlySky FS-I6
I got the FlySky before ordering a quad or goggles, and spent a good few weeks on FPV Freerider Simulator.
Get the paid version of Freerider for 3-4 pound with the 6 different scenes that will help to learn racing, freestyle etc.

EV800D (Diversity goggles). They are brilliant, bright and clear - but no where near as cool looking as fat sharks.
When I move onto another type of goggle, the EV800 can be a spare, or used as a second goggle in the field for a friend to follow my flight

BabyHawk R (2 Inch, but immediately bought the 2.5 Inch arms and put GemFan 2540 2.5 inch props on)
This arrived 2 weeks ago

I'm in East Berkshire - and its tough finding places to fly.
The BabyHawk is 'quiet' - 
A long as I'm 50 metres away in a park, no one can hear the props or pays too much attention.
This wouldnt be possible with a 5 inch racing quad.

« Last Edit: April 16, 2018, 08:00:01 by AnalogKid »

Offline mo_miah

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Re: Newbie from middlesex
« Reply #5 on: April 16, 2018, 13:58:58 »
on expensive items i prefer to buy from the UK so i have some sort of warranty
transmitters and fpv googles you will buy once, unless you upgrade

quad parts break/fail and you can almost treat them as consumables

for transmitter the flysky i6 is great, cheap and does the job
the qx7 from Frsky is better but costs more,

the frsky range qx7, qx7s, x9d and x9d SE are all great
for racing or freestyle only the qx7/qx7s is great

x9d/x9d SE has extra switches and dials which is not needed unless you will have extra camera gimbals on your quad

as mentioned above get a transmitter and spend a couple weeks on a simulator before you spend a single penny on a quad
while practising watch loads of youtube videos and use the forum

once you are comfortable with the simulators
decide if you want a prebuilt quad or diy

this hobby can get expensive so spend wisely
with your first quad treat is as a basher, it will crash and break so don't spend a fortune

once your flying skills is no longer the limiting factor you can spend your money buying a top of the range quad

there is a difference between racing quads and freestyle

racing quads - very light, very fast, don't handle impacts
freestyle - not as light, fast enough, the frame are tough especially the 4mm carbon, stick a hd cam on it to show everyone the fun you have

these quads are a beast compared to toy grade quad

Offline Cheredanine

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Re: Newbie from middlesex
« Reply #6 on: April 16, 2018, 17:26:53 »
My 2p.
I agree with Mo about buying expensive items from UK. And you only buy goggles and radios once, I bought both pairs of my fat sharks and all three radios once ;)

I would suggest -
Goggles - there are all sorts on the market, there is always something perporting to be a fat shark killer, yet they are still here.

Either if you can afford it, play safe, fatshark dominator v3 or attitude v4, add a furious fpv receiver module (you can delay this with the attitudes as they come with a (non diversity) module) or if that is too expensive, get yourself a set of 50 quid box goggles with a view to upgrading later

Radio -flysky is the economy brand, but most people fly frsky, get a qx7 rather than an x9d, you don’t need all the sliders and whatnots.

Quads -
Agree with Mo there is a difference between acro and racing, but not much for most pilots, and not for a beginner.

The first question is really self build or rtf, it sounds like you are looking at rtf, don’t usually recommend that, you are gonna crash, we all do, something is gonna break, you are gonna have to diagnose and fix.  In short you are gonna develop all the skills required to build (although it is intimidating, it really is not difficult)

An rtf will get you off the ground, but you are paying not only for the quad but for someone to build it, consequentially most rtf quads, particularly the cheap ones, tend to use crap components (to keep the price down).

There are places that will build you a quad to spec (I know cos I have agreed to do it for one of them) and if they are any use they will be helpful about components and get you something decent, but again when it breaks you are either gonna pay for repairs or learn the skills yourself.

Now all that said, if you still want to get rtf, I think really the eachine wizard is king of the economy hill, but be careful, there a lot of different versions using crap components, really best to ask on here with a link to the one you are thinking of.

Using the “build for you” they are gonna want to know what sort of thing you want, you are gonna have to articulate this, but for that and the build yourself a couple of thoughts,

I think ebbs is talking about my kinetic aerial air-ro build which there is a builders guide and kit from electric wingman, a beginner can run that on 3s quite comfortably, although with a 4s lipo it is a light racer it takes a hell of a kicking (I have flown into trees, brick walls and metal goalposts without breaking the frame) and it is cheaper to run than a 5inch

On 5 inch there are all sorts in the 250 builds section. If dig through, put a parts list up and people will feedback.

The other thing is south Oxfordshire fly up number 4 is in a week or two, find the thread, if you can get to it, turn up, people will give you advice there, people will let you try goggles on, there will a raft of different ones, you can talk to people and see how stuff flies