• #1 by ched999uk on 09 Feb 2018
  • So just read Oscar Laings article on Camera Control
    So now I am keen on getting my FC - via tx to be able to control my RunCam Micro 2, well if I had a FC that had a working osd I would, but that's another issue to sort.
    Anyway the article looks interesting. Basically you add a resistor in series with the pin that normally you plug the joystick into and do a bit of resource mapping. Mind you I think that is only necessary if you dont have a spare uart. Then using the BF OSD you can change settings on the camera. Sounds perfect as my Micro 2 has pre set scenes which are great to be able to flick between a bright sunny day and late in the day with just a few flicks of the tx sticks. Means less to carry, OK so the joystick thing isn't exactly large but it one less thing to remember to carry about.

    So has anyone tried BetaFlight Camera Control?
  • #2 by daich on 11 Apr 2018
  • I've set it up on my caddx sdr1 and is ultra convenient.
    a few points though
    -you don't need a working osd's using the OSD built into the camera
    -it doesn't tie up a uart but you have to give up your LED_strip pin
    -unfortunately it doesn't work with micro swift 2's awesome scene selector as it doesn't do Long presses which you need to get into the scene selection menu. But it will still be able to go into the standard menu to make adjustments

    I stole a tiny SMD resistor off of a broken PCB which I looked up on google to be within a useable range. Didn't end up needing a capacitor.
    Using this really the below thread on rcgroups you can find what values to set your reference voltage (so you don't have to measure it yourself), key delay and internal resistance

  • #3 by ched999uk on 11 Apr 2018
  • RunCam have now made an interface to go between a uart and the cameras. OK so it's not as light as a resistor (plus capacitor if necessary) but it is supposed to work with the Micro 2  ::)
    Its only about £3 from here  RunCam Camera Control
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  • Ordered  (Well, PRE-Ordered!)   ~~
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  • Ordered  (Well, PRE-Ordered!)   ~~
    Cool, let us know how you get on.
    I must replace my fc as it has a dodgy video chip so no osd. But getting more batts seems more important  ::)
    Trying to find 4s 1500/1300 lipo at reasonable price in uk seems difficult due to p&p.