• #1 by Martin Pegler on 13 Sep 2017
  • Hi All

    I was just in the process of connecting up me Run Cam swift and my DYS MI200 VTX

    I am running straight of my PDB board through a 5vbec and then through a LC filter.
    From there i was going to split the supply and ground and run them straight to both the Cam and the VTX.
    I am not using an osb.
    From what i can make out the other other i need to worry about is the Yellow Video wire which needs to connect to the Orange AV wire on the VTX.. Does this sound about right?

    See pics attached.
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  • #2 by Saleem on 13 Sep 2017
  • Yes,yellow wire from runcam to the orange wire on the vtx,you could pop out the metal connectors on each jst connection and then shove the yellow into the orange place on the vtx jst connection.