Poll: Which size camera do you prefer on your 200-250 size quadcopter?

Standard (eg Runcam wift)
Mini (eg Runcam mini Swift)
Micro (eg Runcam micro Swift)
Other (please specify by leaving a short post below)

  • #1 by yamax87 on 13 Sep 2017

  • I am designing a new 200-250 size freestyle quad frame (interchangeable arms) and looking for ideas on camera compatibility (hole positionings etc)

    A year ago, the choice was pretty straight forward. Or rather, there wasn';t one-you went with a 1/3 CCD/CMOS sensor (runcam swift, HS1177, foxeer arrow etc).

    Now, we have minis (such as the runcam swift mini) and micros (such as the runcam swift micro and the foxeer micro)

    Despite the size range, these all feature 1/3 size sensors.

    So, which one do you prefer on your 200-250 size quad?

    Pics of the cameras are attached.

    Comments/feedback are all very welcome.
  • #2 by Bajadre on 13 Sep 2017
  • have always used the Fat Shark 700TVL WDR CMOS Cameras on my quads clear enough for me and I don';t need OSD etc
  • #3 by ched999uk on 13 Sep 2017
  • I am liking the runcam swift micro 2.
    One thing to think about is sub 250gms 4inch quads are becoming popular. So it might be worth considering a light weight frame and a mount for either a runcam split or a micro as there isn';t much out there for small light cameras.
    The runcam split has wide angle lens similar to most fpv cam but as it records in HD finding a frame that doesn';t have props in view is difficult. Sight be worth going down runcam split no props in view frame if it can be very light all the better.
    Look at the Kinetic aerial Air-Ro for weight guide.
  • #4 by hoverfly on 13 Sep 2017
  • Just tested new Micro Swift and very pleased with it.. ~~
  • #5 by yamax87 on 13 Sep 2017
  • For some reason, only the first 2 options of the poll were displayed. Altered them so that all 4 are available to choose (standard, mini, micro, other).