• #1 by Martin Pegler on 13 Sep 2017
  • Hey All

    Can any of you lovely people explain to me what the throttle stick is doing in various modes? (sorry if this seems like a silly question)

    I come from flying Helis so i`m use to the left stick controlling the mix of speed and pitch on my Heli rotors in normal,  an then in Idle up the stick would just control the Rotor pitch as the head speed would be set to a constant speed.
    This would obviously enable me to use negative pitch for inverted flight without falling out the sky.

    Obviously Drones don`t have controllable rotor pitch so i was just a little confused as to what the left stick was actually doing in different modes.

    Many thanks
  • #2 by hoverfly on 13 Sep 2017
  • Mode 2  left =throttle,  usually set to hover at  50%.  wobble it left /right= rudder and in some setups down hard left or right arm. :smiley:
  • #3 by CornishMule on 13 Sep 2017
  • This series of videos by Joshua Bardwell will give you a great indication of stick control for various moves -

    I highly recommend getting FPVfreerider and work through the tutorials as he explains them. I';ve gone from zero RC experience to being "ok" in 4 months, mostly due to the time I spent watching videos and practising in the sim.

    Hope this helps,