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  • Hi,

    Hope to provide some usefulness to the forum in the coming years. I currently have a Walkera Runner 250 PRO, Fatshark Preditor V2 and Eachine EV800. Plus various planes from a Phase 3 Fantom to a something I can remember the name of :) Got my license for planes about 10 years ago now. I';ve been through nitro / electric planes also was into buggies and the petrol FG Marders years ago.

    I have a cracking park right behind my workshop see the members map and you';ll see! So I';m up for some meet ups / beers. If you don';t mind climbing overgrown bushes we can use the workshop to charge batteries and repairs no problems. Full soldering rework station and micro soldering stereo microscope. (I repair consoles and laptops in my evenings)

    I';m currently looking to spec out and build a 250 Quad for full Acro the Runner 250 is nice but I can see the brick wall coming with it soon. However I';m thinking of looking for someone who is leaving the hobby and buying there complete setup if /when that situation comes around.

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  • Hello! I';ve got a 250 I bought that';s just too small for the job. Quad brain ESC, choice of motors, I';d do you a deal on some of that? I';m up for a cup of tea and a drone chat one day if you like, can bring my kit down and you can have whatever you need, all bought recently, I';ll do it for 70% cost. There';s probably a frame, the esc and motors. Also got an APM I';m selling.
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  • Hello bud, and welcome to the forum.

    Now that';s very handy, having direct access to flying space right next to your workshop.  ~~ I started my ';race'; quad experience with a Runner 250. Not a bad little quad, and I';ve still got it, but it was never really a ';race'; quad and there';s some seriously good, fast and agile stuff available now. Build it yourself and the world';s your oyster. Buy rtf and even the newer walkera stuff is massively improved.

    Loads of help and great advice on here so get stuck in.  ::)
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  • I';m over in Coventry and have a disused golf course to fly in that';s 5mins drive from my house. Welcome to come join me :)
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  • To have had that many buggys (especially hyper 7';s) and 2 savages plus all the breakages you must have been a maxbasher!

    The new buggys almost never break during racing nowadays

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  • LOL. Yeah I was an avid member of the Buying and Selling part of the Max Bashing Forum May years ago.