• #121 by hoverfly on 02 Nov 2017
  • Red?  ...........  RED??     ;)

    Perhaps , i would say more of a puce pink... :rofl:  Vaping has given it a nice finish..
  • #122 by shawdreamer on 02 Nov 2017
  • it was that or Pink.......... not a difficult decision to make :hmm:
  • #123 by shawdreamer on 02 Nov 2017
  • just finished stealing adapting the Sparks folding props for use with 5mm shaft motors so Ill add them to the clone build at a later date, my previous adapter for 1806 motors is still going strong on my v1 reaper.

    my only gripe though is their tragic thrust level, punchout is crap but they do seem more effecient than the usual props I use which is probably how the spark gets most of its flight stamina.
  • #124 by shawdreamer on 10 Nov 2017
  • just doing a few touch-up and mods to the Twinboard while I was replacing the Sparkies FC with a older Naze32 Rev5 (the 6's keep frying their diodes)...

    The Twinboards been changed over to PPM now so I could use it to test out the Turnigy Evolution TX I recently bought, the only problem was Id previously sealed and hot glued over all the power connections to the fc and 4in1 esc in the Twinboard which left me with no where to slyly connect the Turnigy iA6c RX's battery telemetry wires.

    Now I could have tried to clean off some of the terminals but we all know what a pain that can prove to be so instead I cobbled together the connector you can now see on the back of the frame, the balance connector of the lipo in use (3s/4s) plugs into this and that inturn sends the battery voltage to the RX telem port (originally the Twinboard had a onboard lipo alarm there but obviously isnt needed if Im getting battery voltage to the evo's handset now)

    seen as I was in the "fiddling mode" I added this for those "whoops Im upside down in a bush" free advertising moments.

  • #125 by shawdreamer on 12 Nov 2017
  • I liking this "badging" stuff too much, keep going and Ill end up adding a kg to my poor twinboard :laugh:

  • #126 by shawdreamer on 16 Nov 2017
  • just finished tidying up sparkie a bit after giving her her first proper runout down the field, I was shivering like a Jamaican in Antarctica by the time Id killed all the lipo's Id taken with me and got back home....dam its cold!

    Seriously considering getting a new roll of ABS in for the weekend and doing a full reprint, the colour just aint working for me atall, nothing wrong with the frame, she flies like a absolute trooper and is very responsive with no complaints about her grunt either...... its just she looks crap in that frock..... its like putting pippa middleton in the baggiest nasty jogger bottoms you can find, it just makes no sense too. :laugh: