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Author Topic: Multiplex FunJet Ultra - Upgraded  (Read 44 times)


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Multiplex FunJet Ultra - Upgraded
« on: January 09, 2018, 13:46:14 »

We have been assembling this Multiplex FunJet Ultra on and off over the past few months. The idea was to have something fast enough to be exciting to fly, yet docile and stable enough so that it could be flown even by a fairly inexperienced pilot.

The stock model could not usually be considered by a beginner, but once we installed the Eagle Tree Vector autopilot, the aircrafts character could be changed completely. With the ability to define the maximum bank/roll angles the pilot can’t be allowed to get into a situation where the model is overbanked/inverted etc. Another great feature is the 2D stabilized flight mode which enables the aircraft to return to level flight once the sticks are released, and the model will also hold its heading which is useful in windy conditions.

To top that we also have fitted a video camera and 5.8Ghz transmitter, as this model is most fun to fly through some FPV goggles. The Vector has a handy built in On Screen Display (OSD) which displays colour and is fully customizable. The OSD will report all sorts of very useful information to the pilot such as battery voltage, height, speed, distance from Home, flight modes, RSSI etc.

We had previously flown this model on the stock power setup, but the performance was mediocre and we wanted to create something more exciting. We decided to go with Multiplex’s recommended upgrade kit for this model and use a 4S battery to give it a bit of a boost!

The result of this, is a model that in straight and level flight will be drawing 55amps @ 110mph (no wind). The vertical performance is unlimited, and we have estimated to have around a 1.5/1 power to weight ratio. Model weight is 1.1kg with approximate thrust of 1.6kg. This was using a 4S battery on a APC-E 6x5.5 prop, with flight times averaging around 8-12 minutes.

An all-white model can be difficult to keep track of, especially something fast and nimble like this, however the RTH and Loiter feature of the Vector again gives you added security and piece of mind should you get completely disorientated. So the last thing to do is to give this model some colour, the kit came with stickers but we'd rather make it our own and spray it which we feel would also show up better. We've yet to make any progression here but I will post picture's once it's done, video's will also follow  ::)

If you or someone you know would like a model like this, but does not have the time or expertise to build it themselves and/or would like flying tuition, please feel free to contact us at Build Your Own Drone. We are based in north Hampshire, UK and are open Monday-Saturday. We have a selection of flying sights in and around Hampshire where we give flying tuition both during the week and at weekends.