• #1 by CornishMule on 12 Oct 2017
  • Hi all,

    Yesterday I swapped out the stock motors on my Wizard X220 for TBS Mr Steele motors.

    I was very careful when installing them, with very clean solder joints and took my time.

    I also checked and double checked screw length, and the stock screws that come with the Steele motors protrude 2mm above the 4mm arm on the Wizard, so comfortably sit in the motor hole without touching the bindings.

    This morning I did a test hover in the garden, in angle mode (air mode turned off as well), and it was fine, until I tried to land, when it came down with a bump and the ESCs reset on their own (made the beeping noise they do during power on).

    I tried again and the same happened.

    I then took the props off and did some ';test landings'; - basically tapping it on the ground with the battery connected. The same happens, the ESCs reset.

    I';ve also noticed that if I';m in Acro mode with Airmode and push roll / pitch to about 70% then the same happens, ESCs reset.

    What do you guys suggest I look at next?

    Thanks in advance.
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  • Small point but the joint may look good but some pads are through plated to other layers on the boards,  very hard to spot...
  • #5 by Andy7 on 14 Oct 2017
  • If all 4 escs reset then you can probably eliminate a momentary BREAK in any one of the ESC power connections.
    So try tracing from the battery into the PDB as it may be a common power problem.

    If it';s a temporary SHORT on any one point, how about taking off the battery, putting a meter on continuity setting across the XT60, bang it and see if your meter beeps. 

  • #6 by Cheredanine on 14 Oct 2017
  • Having looked at it today I suspect the fc is rebooting as well, I think he has blown the cap on the onboard 5v reg.
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  • Would that be sensitive to vibration though?
    Was there a crash involved? If it';s a lost cause for the FC then I wonder if it';s worth trying a reflow on the board if any components have worked loose?
  • #8 by Cheredanine on 14 Oct 2017
  • Yeah, there was a crash, buck regs (or and surface mounted component, can have its solder join damaged by electrical short or crashes, the latter is more likely to have an effect on heavy components (often used in regs) or with dodgy cheap boards where the quality of soldering may be less than ideal
  • #9 by CornishMule on 15 Oct 2017
  • Just an update on this. So I put an old (but working) motor back on, and then enabled "beeper SYSTEM_INIT" on Betaflight. Powered it up and gave it a bounce, yep, the FC is resetting as well as the ESCs, so I think the suspicion of the PDB not providing a clean 5V is very possible.

     @Cheredanine, I';ve got the Matek F405OSD + PDB, which I was planning using for the other build (Steele motors). What FC and PDB would you suggest to get the ';burner quad Wizard'; back in the air? I';ll replace the SP Racing F3 clone at the same time, I';ve been after a reason to get BF OSD on the Wizard anyway ;)
  • #10 by Cheredanine on 15 Oct 2017
  • Hi mate,
    There are many solid one you could use
    The matek one, a lumenier lux v2 (no osd) and pdb, one of the omnibus f4 and a pdb
    General pdb a matek with 5 and 12v regs

    The shrike you had a go on has an omnibus f4 pro corner, which has built in pdb on the flight controller, provided there is enough room between the fc mount and the standoffs that would work well: