• #1 by gibbiem on 08 Sep 2017
  • Anyone if/how I can bind the i6 to Syma X13 Storm? I got the Storm to play with untill I get a racing quad. I have a feeling I'm going to get used to the radio it came with so when I swap to the i6 it will be like starting again.


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  • #2 by Bad Raven on 08 Oct 2017
  • AFAIK its a No.
  • #3 by Reman on 09 Oct 2017
  • #4 by Bad Raven on 09 Oct 2017
  • That module in FrSky module connection form works the Syma X5, I have flown it.  Don't know about the X13.  There's no guarantee that as one model does, others will.

    I bought it for the Eachine E010s I have and it works those perfectly.

    I also note that Banggood refer to set up via OpenTx in the instructions which is completely wrong for the FlySky FS-i6, they have simply used the FrSky info, lazy little wotsits!  :rolleyes: