• #1 by Polleke1949 on 05 Jan 2013
  • Hi all,
     :help: Need some help here. (newbee on MegaPirate)
    I';m having a new Crius FC AIO Pro loaded with "MegaPirateNG V2.8 R2".
    Before that I had a Crius SE having no problems with this SE board.
    But here';s my thing now.

    I can arm the motors (yaw to the right, solid red led)
    Motors are not spinning, but when i push the throttle a little bit (say 1%) they start up in iddle speed. If i want to disarm, I still can.
    But, when I push the throttle more (say +/-30%) motors are spinning more rpm, but i want to return to idle rpm, the motors keep on running (in idle speed) and i can';t DISarm (yaw left) any more.

    My config is:
    Futaba FC 18 v1 (hacked with Assan 2.4G)
    RX Assan X8R9
    4-ESC Turnigy Plush 30A
    FC is Crius aio pro V1.1
    Software is "MegaPirateNG V2.8 R2"

    Anyone ???
    Ps: I';m Dutch, so I hope my English is good anough  ;)
  • #2 by Gaza07 on 05 Jan 2013
  • Hi Polleke1949 and welcome to the forum they have now released megapirateNG 2.8r3 because the r2 had some problems, you would be far better trying that and see if you still have the problem, if you do then you could try putting your throttle trim down a little to see if that helps, or make the rudder end points a little wider  ~~
  • #3 by Polleke1949 on 05 Jan 2013
  • Hi Gaza07,
    Thank you for the quick answer. ~~
    The "R3" version seems to work fine (as showing in the AMPlanner).........however, now the motors have the well known fast beep, beep, beep sound. (even after recallibrating)
    In the "multiwii" software there';s a configuralble setting on the "minthrottle".
    I remember i had to set this value at 930 (stock is 1000)
    Is there also a configurable minthrottle setting in the R3 as well, because i can';t find it.
    Or need I to do something else?
  • #4 by Gaza07 on 05 Jan 2013
  • Hi Polleke1949 I have installed v2.8r3 on mine and got the same as you the esc';s are out of calibration range, I just re-calibrated my esc';s and they worked fine,
    When you install a new firmware are you dropping into terminal and doing an erase of the eeprom
    this removes and settings that may have been left from the previous version, I always do this when upgrading the firmware  ~~
  • #5 by Polleke1949 on 06 Jan 2013
  • Hi Gaza07,
    First i erased the eeprom and installed the "R3".
    The board does arm and disarm when i apply the transmitters yaw stick (showing also in the AMPlanner gui)  ~~, but......
    when i move the throttle, nothing happens. motors will not spin  :confused:
    Please  :help:

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  • #6 by Gaza07 on 06 Jan 2013
  • Did you re-calibrate your esc';s  :confused:
  • #7 by Polleke1949 on 06 Jan 2013
  • Hi Gaza07,
    First of all let me thank so much for helping me this way.  ~~ ~~ ~~
    Yes, I did recallibrated my esc';s.
    In fact, I started all over again (clearing eeprom, loading software, call esc';s and tx) and guess what???
    It';s working now  :beer2:

    btw. As I';m new to AMP, can you perhaps tell me: how can i see in the mission planner that I have stable mode on or off. Because i want to make sure that I will take off in stable mode.
  • #8 by Jesse101 on 06 Jan 2013
  • Hi guys. Can I ask how you erased the eeprom?
  • #9 by Polleke1949 on 06 Jan 2013
  • Start up your Arduino software.
    goto "file"
    "eeprom clear"
    don';t forget to connect your board  ;)
    your red led should be solid when done. [ Invalid Attachment ]
  • #10 by Jesse101 on 06 Jan 2013
  • Nice one.
     ~~ I hadn';t seen it sitting there!!!
  • #11 by Gaza07 on 06 Jan 2013
  • Thats not actually the erase I was talking about but it gets the job done  ~~
    When your in the mission planner you click the Terminal button which drops you in to the cli (command line interface) once you see the promt in the cli type setup then return the prompt will now show the word setup, next type erase this then erases all the settings from the eeprom but not the actual firmware once the erase is complete the default settings are rewritten by the firmware back in to the eeprom  ~~

    The reason for doing this is to remove any old pid or other settings from the eeprom that may not work well with the new firmware  ~~
  • #12 by willumpie82 on 07 Jan 2013
  • btw. As I';m new to AMP, can you perhaps tell me: how can i see in the mission planner that I have stable mode on or off. Because i want to make sure that I will take off in stable mode.

    At my missionplanner HUD it apeares on the lower right just above GPS status.
    at the configuration page there is an option to configure the flightmodes, the active mode will be highlighted in green.

    if you just start learning multirotor flying, just set all modes to stable to get to know your plane, once you have the hang of it add a mode, and so on...

    tripple check all your flightmodes, i almost lost my plane once because I didn';t check it thorough enough (TX failure)
  • #13 by Polleke1949 on 07 Jan 2013
  • GGGGRRRRR   :cry   :banghead:
    Just started the copter (lucky me with no props)
    Still got my problem. AGAIN

    Will i do it all over every time????
  • #14 by Gaza07 on 07 Jan 2013
  • Step away from the copter and count to 10  ;) these things can really be annoying but some times a break from it can help a lot, I hope you get it sorted soon  ~~
  • #15 by willumpie82 on 07 Jan 2013
  • I think clearing your eeprom so much is not helping, this is only neccesary once when you switch from multiwii to mpng (or if you realy screwd-up the settings)

    I think this is the procedure from scratch:

    TX calibration link to arducopter intro
    1. set all your TX trims and subtrims to zero and disable expo/dr
    2. if your TX has calibration, do it.
    2b. I had to reverse my pitch on my TX (er9x) for mpng (multiwii was normal)
    3. Calibrate TX from missionplanner
    4. all sticks should be centered, throttle should be minimal. before you click Ok at the popup

    power toggle everyting (copter and TX) and check if the ranges are still OK, eg every step of movement on your TX results in movement at the configuration-txcalibration screen of missionplanner.
    as sanity you can check if there is a difference in powering your copter from lipo or USB-only

    next ESC calibration link to original document from arducopter
    !!! with no props: !!!
    0. copter off completely (no lipo nor usb)
    1. TX on
    2. throttle max
    3. fully power your copter (logic and ESC';s)
    4. wait for rolling leds
    -- the copter has now enabled passtrough to all four esc';s
    5. power off the copter and wait a few sec (capacity in the ESC';s need a second or so to deplete)
    6. still trhottle max
    7. power copter again
    8. wait for special beep-tone of esc(motors) (i think the "123" tone) comfirming max throttle
    9. set throttle minimal and wait for reversed beeps (321) confirming min. throttle
    10. wait for long confirmation beep
    11. toggle the power of the copter with throttle down. mpng starts in normal mode

    don';t use your TX trims to trim your copter.

    please, also check out the links and other information from APM, it is actualy almost the same except the pcb and the connections (sanity check ;) )

    succes er mee, good luck with it!
  • #16 by Polleke1949 on 11 Jan 2013
  • Thank you willumpie82
    So far so good.............