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  • Bad Raven: KNEW there was good reason noit to buy either............
    Today at 20:27:54
  • hoverfly: I've avoided Apple kit for years until I was forced to get an  IPad  for  the ph3  & Mavic.
    Today at 20:17:00
  • Gav: good luck
    Today at 20:13:08
  • Gav: dont tell me you are an apple and iphone user too.  noooo lol
    Today at 20:12:51
  • hoverfly: Hi slayer, how's it hanging.. :laugh:
    Today at 20:03:52
  • hoverfly: Its the power circuit that is  fkuced, on/off switch  u/s   constant voltage fluctuations  and low batt warnings.  It was backup t/x , using Dx9 as main  ,it as its been suggested I feel obliged to get a taranis, might go for the  X9D+ Special Edition - Carbon Fibre
    Today at 20:02:29
  • Gav: serves you right for getting a spektrum.
    Today at 20:02:10
  • Slayer23: Scuse caps
    Today at 18:02:26
    Today at 18:02:17
  • DarkButterfly: You can get a Spektrum module for it
    Today at 17:45:33
  • DarkButterfly: Bury it HF and buy a taranis  ::)
    Today at 17:44:41
  • Bad Raven: Taken the sd card out, cleaned the contacts and replaced?
    Today at 17:43:33
  • hoverfly: My DX8 JUST DIED :cry :cry  R.I.P.  little t/x....
    Today at 10:01:22
  • ched999uk: VaNDAL I missed it but just did a quick flick thru and I can't see the BEER!!!  :beer2: :beer2: :beer2:
    March 19, 2018, 18:21:54
  • atomiclama: I couldn't find the head explode image thing.
    March 19, 2018, 14:01:53
  • hoverfly: Add to those W.T.F.   AND O.M.G.  ..FK-THIS.--- :laugh:.
    March 19, 2018, 13:49:41
  • atomiclama: :o :o
    March 19, 2018, 13:47:24
  • atomiclama: Dual-stage Gyro Filtering: PT1, Biquad, Butterworth, Denoise (FIR), FKF (fixed K), and Biquad RC+FIR2 #5391
    March 19, 2018, 13:47:13
  • atomiclama: I think betaflight filtering is going to get real confusing.
    March 19, 2018, 11:45:00
  • atomiclama: You must smell a bit  ::)
    March 18, 2018, 22:04:34

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